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World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download

World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla When a struggling writer gets dumped by his girlfriend, he creates love stories Tamilrockers where he finishes 123telugu up because the bigger guy who has sacrificed for love approximately he thinks. When the writing stops and reality hits home, no story within the world can fill the void left by the person he loves. Every second, millions of stories unfold on this planet, each different from the opposite, says the lead character of World Famous Lover, right at the beginning of the film.

This romance, however, seems to be doomed right from the outset and is ridden with angst, sorrow and frustration. If the story doesn’t have a cheerful ending, director Kranthi Madhav introduces us to more fictional stories and tries to tie it all at once to the most plot. World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download But when the crux of the story is sullen, bitter and resentful, the film is usually headed towards a disaster. World Famous Lover comes across as a caustic rant of a disgruntled writer who subjects the audience to 2 hours and 36 minutes of his tears and frustration.

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Movie Review / Story

As soon because the film begins, we are introduced to the story of Gautham (Vijay Deverakonda) and Yamini (Raashi Khanna), a young couple during a live-in relationship. But things are far away from rosy. Yamini is suffocated during a loveless relationship. She goes to World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download figure, while Gautham, a struggling writer, lazes reception, sleeps in and watches cartoons on television. Gautham is messy, unkempt and lacks focus while Yamini sobs her way through life while eating, lovemaking and bathing until she can’t take it anymore.

World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download

When Yamini decides to go away Gautham, he decides to start out writing again to prove some extent to her, and he introduces us to the planet of World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download Seenayya (Vijay Deverakonda), Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh) and Smitha (Catherine Tresa). Gautham uses these fictional characters to feel better about himself and to convince Yamini to require him back, but when the bubble bursts, will he be ready to save his relationship.

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World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

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Perhaps the sole grace of this film is Vijay Deverakonda’s outstanding execution of the World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download Telangana dialect because of the coalpit worker Seenayya. there is a gem of a scene when Seenayya shoots back at his dad when he asks him where he’s off to on his bike. It’s perhaps the sole scene that causes you to smile a touch and provides you with a breather from the film’s morose theme.

World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download

If Gautham and Yamini’s story is shockingly dour, Gautham’s romance with Iza World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download (Izabelle Leite) is farcical. When Gautham lands in Paris and says ‘Hola’, you recognize things can get problematic. He soon gets a French girlfriend, who, get this, speaks Telugu and can only roll in the hay after marriage. It’s less of a romance and more of 20 minutes of bizarre cinema. Although, as a viewer, you’d wish it had gone on for extended because the instant it ends, we’re brought back to Gautham’s never-ending sobfest.

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Movie Songs

Vijay Deverakonda yells, cries, punches mirrors, bangs his head against rocks, speaks Telangana dialect and jumps off planes, but he remains World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download a helpless spectator as Kranthi Madhav tires the audience together with his gloomy romance. Aishwarya Rajesh stands out among the ladies with a strong performance. Raashi Khanna is wasted during a poorly written character, where all she does is sob. Both Catherine and Izabelle are reduced to inconsequential roles.

For a movie that’s alleged to be an ode to like, World Famous Lover has little or no love and an entire lot of bitterness. And for all the sadness on show, not once does one empathise with any of the World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download character’s plights. When Yamini leaves Gautham, you think that she should’ve done it sooner. When Gautham punches things around and makes a scene, you cringe. And when he beats himself up and wails I do not have anybody, you would like the film to finish. this is often a romance where you do not root for the 2 protagonists to finish up together. The film starts and ends with tears and that is the sole thing you relate to except for all the incorrect reasons.

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Movie Cast

Gautam(Vijay Devarakonda) may be a struggling writer who lives in his own world. He ignores his girlfriend Yamini(Raashi Khanna) completely. After some extent, Yamini gets very upset and breaks up with him. Realizing his mistake, Gautam gets back to his senses and wins Yamini and her love back. Well, how does he do this and where do all the opposite heroines Aishwarya Rajesh, Catherine Teresa, and Isabella feature during this setup.

World Famous Lover Telugu

As always, Vijay Devarakonda does an honest job. He because the struggling writer is okay but Vijay as Seenayya, the Singareni employee was lovely to observe on screen. The way he speaks the language and his chemistry with Aishwarya and Catherine are extremely good. Speaking of Aishwarya, she is that the better part of the film. you’ll fall crazy together with her along with her together with her role as she does an outstanding job with her girl nearby character. Her emotional outburst and therefore the way she showcases emotions together with her eyes most of the time is extremely good.

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Raashi Khanna does a tremendous job as she sheds her glamorous image and opts for something performance-oriented. Raashi as Yamini is particularly good in her emotional avatar and dominates Vijay in many scenes. Catherine Teresa is neat in her role and does what’s expected of her. altogether the love stories, the Telangana story featuring Aishwarya, Catherine, and Vijay is that the best and has good moments. the primary half has some good scenes and therefore the drama showcased is sweet.

The film has various issues and these slowly begin within the last half. There was absolutely no got to showcase Vijay in such an intense avatar. His rise up and emotional outburst remind us of Arjun Reddy instantly. Also, the climax looks fake as things could are ended at the news conference scene to form an honest and justifiable ending. Just to possess a cheerful ending, the manufacturers spoil the stance of Raashi’s role and made things cinematic. the precise problem between the lead pair is additionally not showcased well.

Though all the stories are connected well, their reference to the particular theme of the story isn’t shown well. Why does Vijay’s writer’s character behave so violently isn’t justified well. Vinay must tone done his acting as he’s getting repetitive altogether breakup love stories which have now become boring. The film may be a serious drama and has no entertainment in the least which may be an enormous letdown for the overall audience.

The production values of the film are top-notch because the film looks rich in every scene. The special effects are amazing as each romance World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download features a different texture. Music is that the biggest drawback because the songs and BGM by Gopi Sundar are disappointing. Vijay Devarakonda has not been styled well. Dialogues are pretty good and people written for Yamini and Suvarna’s role are just amazing.

Coming to the director Kranthi Madhav, his story idea is contemporary and he has connected them well. But his ending, emotions within World Famous Lover Telugu Movie Download the Paris romance take the film down. His narration didn’t give proper justification to the characters as characters like Raashi aren’t justified in the least. Also, there was good scope for love and good music but he didn’t make use of it either making it a tedious watch.

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