Whatsapp Love Marathi Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Whatsapp Love Marathi Movie Download

Whatsapp Love Marathi Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla 720p Aditya and Anuja’s happily married life takes a special turn when the previous stars replying to messages from an unknown number. On one side, when filmmakers are exploring different subjects to bring back the silver screen, there’s still a crop of makers that have stuck to the formula of creating films around subjects that are documented and tried before.

Whatsapp Love is an example of this. With no novelty to supply, and director Hemantkumar Mahale efforts to juggle multiple things directly, this film features a weak story and suffers in execution. The title makes it clear what the topic goes to be. The person on the opposite side, a girl identifying herself as Monalisa, wants to befriend Aditya.

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Movie Review / Story

While he avoids the messages initially, Aditya responds at the behest of a colleague. Soon, their conversations start becoming regular and before he knows it, this starts affecting Aditya’s personal and business life. All these thanks to an individual he has never met nor seen before. A year into these virtual conversations, Aditya and Monalisa plan to meet. to understand who the girl is, you’ll need to watch the movie. However, you will not lose much if you do not want to understand the solution.

Though the film is predictable, Rakesh and Anuja are sincere and provides it with their best shot. The cinematography is sweet, as are the songs. But to form a watchable film, just these three things aren’t enough. Watch this one at your risk.

A person falling crazy with someone over a correspondence of sorts, without knowing the identity of the individual, only to understand that it’s someone that he least expected her to be, is a thought used wonderfully during a 1940 comedy The go searching the Corner, directed by the renowned auteur Lubitsch.

the thought was recreated for the digital age by Nora Ephron in her 1998 remake You’ve Got Mail. Both films were delightful and made the method of adapting the concept to the screen seem effortless.

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If you would like to ascertain an example of how this process can go disastrously wrong, have a glance at WhatsApp Love, produced and directed by Hemantkumar Mahale supported his own story. Needless to mention, the comparison with the 2 masterworks mentioned earlier ends with the concept, this one using WhatsApp because the means of correspondence with a mysterious friend, and in contrast to the opposite films, showing just one side of the story until the grand revelation.

Aditya (Bapat) works in some company at a senior managerial level, is happily married and stays during a large bungalow named after himself. he’s very busy together with his work, but his wife Anu (Sathye-Gokhale) is accommodating and far crazy with him. Rucha (Shetty) joins Aditya’s company because the new MD and therefore the two hit it off. At an equivalent time, Aditya starts getting messages on WhatsApp from a secret admirer. His guesses about the sender misfire and now he starts falling for the mystery woman.

The idea seems marginally workable on paper but is totally unconvincing within the way the screenplay portrays it, also as within the final execution. Aditya, a supposed protagonist fails to get any sympathy for the character, and it’s anybody’s guess whether responsible for the script for it or the actor. I think both share the responsibility.

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There seems to be no compelling reason provided for Aditya to fall so badly crazy with the mystery woman. Although apparently obsessed, there’s no serious attempt from his side to uncover the important identity of the lady at any point and when the key is revealed, we wonder how the person was ready to conceal her identity in the least.
We wade through the film because it reaches the midway point, but the last half really tests our patience.

aside from the messages and hallucinatory appearances of this (other) woman, there’s no plot development here. These hallucinations are so frequent and unending that Aditya seems less crazy and more in urgent need of some psychiatric care. There are scenes when his behaviour are often interpreted as clear cases of harassment towards a number of the characters within the film, but the script doesn’t bother with the repercussions of the hero’s actions.
Of the whole cast, Anuja Sathye-Gokhale playing Anu is marginally better than the remainder.

Movie Cast

She features much less screen time than Aditya, but she manages to be according to the character. Sareh Far plays the key admirer as Aditya imagines her. The character and therefore the weightage is given to the role are utterly incomprehensible.

WhatsApp Love is an example of an inexpensive idea losing its entire potential within the transformation process. And yet, it’s tough to responsible a specific department for the failure. Most of them, right from writing and direction to music and production design has delivered a disappointing performance resulting in an underwhelming result.

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