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Whats Up Lagna

What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download

What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla It’s heartening to ascertain Marathi films breaking out of the standard family film zone and also treating subjects like marriage in a mature way. The film’s story begins with Aakash (Tatwawaadi) and Ananya (Behere) meeting accidentally on a cab ride to Nashik. As they assert, opposites attract.

So, the messy and disorganized Ananya and therefore the borderline-cleanliness-OCD case of Aakash strike a chord. After meeting a couple of times and What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download learning about one another, they plan to take their relationship further. But life isn’t perfect and therefore the couple understands this after a couple of months of being married.

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Movie Review / Story

Filmmakers presenting each side of the coin and not stepping into the ‘a girl has got to make sacrifices after marriage’ bracket may be a welcome change and that’s one among the great things about What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download What’s Up Lagna. Another thing that works within the film’s favour is that it doesn’t give out an ethical discourse on ideal relationships and rather focuses on what affects a contemporary day relation.

Whats Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download

Erratic work hours and pressure? Or the shortage of communication. Of course, Vishwas Joshi’s directorial comes with its share of cliched lines and mushy romance which cause you to present your hands What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download in exasperation. Also, at 2 hrs 30 mins, the period may be a bit long. the manufacturers could’ve done away with some spoon-feeding and left certain scenes open for the viewers’ interpretation.

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As for the actors, Vaibhav and Prarthana are sincere and portray the various phases that their characters undergo, with aplomb. Their pairing works once more, because of the straightforward rapport they share on-screen and off it.

We witness two protagonists who can’t affect the strain of conflicting work hours or empathize with each others’ fields of labour post the fairytale What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download initial months of their wedding. Within the primary five minutes, Joshi establishes the diametrically opposite personalities of his leads. Aakash (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) is controlled, obsessively organized, and raised to believe quaint Maharashtrian traditions.

Whats Up Lagna Marathi Movie

Ananya (Prarthana Behere) is an actress with a theatre background. She refuses to be bound by society’s archaic gender roles and has been raised by a father who’s fiercely supportive of her career. What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download What they need in common may be a drive for fulfilment at the workplace. This poses the evergreen question What do I value more? My personal life or my job.

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Movie Songs

Both Tatwawadi and Behere play their parts well. Post their honeymoon (which they’re forced to abandon because Ananya gets employment during a television show), you’ll see the slow strain on their What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download relationship. The film is essentially driven by their chemistry and comic timing. They save certain scenes that would have come off as incredibly corny. Joshi, (who’s previously produced Natasamrat) plays it safe.

He makes sure his characters voice exactly what they’re thinking, leaving nothing for the audience to interpret. The overwhelming use of technology plays a recurring role within the film, with the screen getting filled up with Whatsapp chats, messages, screen templates from a spread of apps and a few very in-your-face brand placement from online partners. It’s tackily done.

There’s a scene where Aakash is watching a television program where his wife’s playing an obedient, conforming homemaker. It’s one of the highlights of the film. She’s playing someone she will never be in the real world. As she serves tea to her on-screen husband we understand that the 2 need to come to terms with their limitations as people to form the connection work.

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interval, there’s a monotony within the storytelling. It measures up to 150 minutes (long for a Marathi film), the second half an hour of which is dragged out. Joshi’s point, that technology has become a barrier as against a way of getting people closer during a relationship could be an incredible base for a hilarious, sensitive film. But he falters in his execution. He grasps at straws but doesn’t find a robust voice in his storytelling.

There is an enormous house, there’s a car at the door, there are all the comforts and most significantly, the partner loves one another tons and yet some marriages don’t succeed. Traditionally, they need no shortage of your time, only the time it takes to offer to every other. How and by whom to require this time? Because the work profile of both of them is that when one is receiving, the opposite isn’t.

Movie Star Cast

So, to satisfy or communicate with one another, one has got to believe a medium like ‘Whatsup’ but how long will this artificial means of communication last? the important need for companionship can’t be provided by artificial means So what, during a happy world, irritability starts and ends with blaming one another.

The story of ‘What’s up Wedding’ is predicated on this theme. Akash (Vaibhav Tattvavadi) is an IT engineer and Ananya (Prarthana Behera) is an actress. the 2 close on a journey and fall crazy with one another. Everything is ok until love and actual marriage. But after marriage, when it’s the turn of both of them to What’s Up Lagna Marathi Movie Download measure during a big flat in a city like Mumbai, the truth slowly starts to calm down. there’s no match between time management reception and work management. In it, Ananya is sweet at passing, while Akash is clean and tidy. From this, the tones of affection that were initially matched gradually dissolve and at one stage.

Whats Up Lagna Movie

You have to travel to the stage to ascertain what happens next in ‘What’s Wedding’. Of course, the plot of the movie isn’t very different. this subject has already been addressed in various movies. Therefore, at the extent of subject and content, meaning doesn’t matter. But still, the fresh look of glory and prayer makes ‘What’s Wedding’ appear as if. They both affect their confidence as they prefer to start their play activities. His chemistry with ‘Coffee and More’ is analogous to ‘What’s Up Wedding’.

Their fresh duo is well supported by Vidyadhar Joshi-Sneha Raikar (Ananya’s parents), Ila Bhate-Vini Jagtap (Akash’s mother and sister), Vandana Gupte (Ananya’s aunt). Vikram Gokhale has also played the tiny role of Akash’s magician as was common.

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