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Waarrior Savitri Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Waarrior Savitri Movie Download

Waarrior Savitri Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Savitri grows up to be a ‘Waarrior Savitri’ after a childhood memory scars her for all times. She decides to find out martial arts to guard herself and her family. She falls crazy with Satya and needs to marry him but a Hindu pandit opposes the choice.

Without paying heed, she gets married to Satya and moves to the U.S, where he resides. But a sequence of unfortunate events posing a threat to her husband and father-in-law’s (Gulshan Grover) lives follow, forcing her to unleash the fighter within her.

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Movie Review / Story

While the fable is documented, moulding it to form it relevant to today’s times may be a good thought. to ascertain a lady kicking ass while Waarrior Savitri Movie Download battling the baddies to safeguard her family is inspiring too. Niharica Raizada fits the bill and achieves the action scenes with conviction. the ladies empowerment message stands out also. The execution and editing, however, is choppy.

Waarrior Savitri Movie Download

Scenes look disjointed with no proper connection with one another. Songs are pointless and therefore the actors turn on and cut their accents at the drop of a hat. as an example, Niharica, who is Waarrior Savitri Movie Download claimed to possess lived in Rajasthan all her life. The elongated love scenes are awkward since there’s no chemistry between the lead actors. Overall, you’ll skip this one.

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Waarrior Savitri Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

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But alas! Director Param Gill’s Waarrior Savitri may be a tackily mounted film that fails to appeal. His story, screenplay, plot, characterization and action sequences are all sketchily crafted, and Waarrior Savitri Movie Download therefore the outcome may be a boring, tedious affair. there’s nothing that elevates the viewing experience.

Waarrior Savitri Movie

With impressive aerial shots of Jodhpur, the film starts with promise, but gradually the reassurance crumbles. the primary half nevertheless moves at a comparatively quick pace, while the last half drags with forced action and an unrealistic plot which is treated sort of a theatrical fantasy, especially Savitri’s interaction with Yamraj, the Lord of Death. The film features a unique subject that of an old fable which has been blended in times and it could are away the slicker film had the editing been better as within the last half, time and again the scenes look hurriedly patched up and lacks the core of the topic. On the positive side, Waarrior Savitri has high octane action sequences and its raw energy that the credit goes to the lead actress who is really convincing because of the martial arts hero.

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Movie Songs

And over a period of your time, she grows up to be a troublesome girl. Like her Waarrior Savitri Movie Download character, Niharica capably delivers what’s expected from her. She is agile within the action scenes, dances gracefully within the item number and emotes effectively. Rajat Barmecha, as Satya is charming. He features a meek screen presence which suits the character he plays.

But with not much emphasis given on the reason for his love interest in Savitri, their pairing seems forced and their on-screen chemistry Waarrior Savitri Movie Download is mysteriously harsh and mordant. Yesteryear actor, Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Raj Kapoor plays Savitri’s father, Chaudhuri Saheb with a deadpan expression throughout.

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Gulshan Grover as Satya’s blind dad is engaging. He doesn’t bring any gravitas to the character which is directly picked from mythology. Similarly, Karamveer Chaudhari essaying the role of Panditji, who consistent with the Mahabharat was Narad Muni, is disappointing. And, the brilliant actor Om Puri is completely wasted during a poorly designed and executed character. Niharica Raizada’s action scenes are the highlights of this film which may be a modern-day adaption of the fable within the Mahabharata about Satyavan Savitri.

The fable says that Savitri is cursed since her childhood that whoever she marries, her husband would die. Defying destiny, Savitri undertakes various tough ‘vrats’ and emerges successful in dodging Yamraj (Lord of Death) eventually managing to evade her husband’s death and therefore the couple lead a cheerful mortal life thereafter. Waarrior Savitri is written and directed by Param Gill.

Movie Star Cast

The film stars the debutante Niharica Raizada, granddaughter of legendary music composer O P Nayyar and Rajat Barmecha of ‘Udaan’ fame Waarrior Savitri Movie Download who plays Satya (Satyavan) supported by veteran actors Om Puri who plays Yamraj and Gulshan Grover. Since her childhood, this girl Savitri is cursed that she won’t have a cheerful married life together with her husband who would die after her marriage.

This girl learns various sorts of self-defence and lethal martial arts which could prevent her from any harm. Hence Savitri marries Satya against her father’s wishes, despite the family guru (astrologer) warning her that whosoever she marries, the groom would die soon after their marriage.

Waarrior Savitri Full Movie

Satya and Savitri marry during a temple and attend Las Vegas where Satya has his own enemies who are bent decimate Satya and his father (Gulshan Grover) who own a Casino but are in huge debts. There are several attempts to kill Satya and on each occasion, Savitri sees Yamraj on each spot where she reasons out with him and manages to convince him to grant some longer for her husband.

While Om Puri plays Yamraaj we have an all international star cast toplined by the sensuous UK model and actress Lucy Pinder, Tim Man and Ron Smoorenburg.

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Waarrior Savitri

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