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Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p

Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download

Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Tamilrockers He meets Vasudha an upscale girl and falls crazy together with her. But during this process, Hari also gets interested in Vasudha’s brother’s girlfriend Jasmine. This creates a replacement angle within the story and Hari starts having an affair with Jasmine. How did he manage both the relationships? That forms the remainder of the story.

MS Raju has turned director with Dirty Hari and chose a really bold subject of an extramarital affair and one can say that he has done an honest job. For any erotic thriller, the most focus is on the lovemaking scenes, and Dirty Hari is crammed with such bold scenes. But the great part is that each one of those scenes is shot so aesthetically and doesn’t look vulgar in which way.

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Movie Review / Story

Yet another major aspect of the film is that the performances. the whole cast has done a really good job and therefore the best among them was the most lead, Shravan Reddy. he’s an ideal slot in his role and is extremely good within the film. Be it his dialogue delivery, expressions, or visual communication, Shravan suits perfectly within the setup.

Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download

Keisha Rawat gets an honest role and does well. Though her role looks dull, she gets a Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download meaty part within the end and is extremely good. But the main attraction is going to be Simrat Kaur who has done a bold role within the film. Acting-wise too, she has done an honest job and is that the major visual percept within the film. The climax twist is brought in quite well and ends the film on a really interesting note. Surekha Vani was decent in her posh role.

As showcased from the trailers, the film is clearly made for today’s youth and can attract them. The pace of the film may be a bit slow especially during the starting of the last half. Routine and repeated scenes are showcased and this sidetracks the film a touch.

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Subject-wise, there’s nothing new as an ambitious guy falling for an upscale girl, then two-timing her and having an affair has been tried in many films earlier in Hindi films. The cop episode, within the end, could are handled in a more proper manner to offer the film an honest effect. Ruhani Sharma and her role should are given more drama to form the thrills quite interesting.

Production values of the film are top-notch because the visuals are posh and nicely showcased. The camerawork is extremely good and therefore the way all the lovemaking scenes are shot is impressive. Dialogues are good and therefore the special mention should attend production design because the setup of the film is sort of slick. The editing was okay and therefore the music is impressive. The BGM was also quite effective.

Vittalwadi Telugu Movie

Coming to the director MS Raju, he has done an honest job with the film. He has made this film with one motto which is to inform a story that suits the Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download mentality of today’s youth. Though his story is routine and a touch predictable, he has packed nicely erotic scenes and drama that keep the proceedings moving without many hurdles.

Aesthetically shot lovemaking scenes, impressive performances, and climax twists are major assets. However, if you ignore the slow pace and a quite predictable storyline, MS Raju induces enough curiosity into the proceedings making it an honest await the audience.

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Hari (Shravan Reddy) may be a man torn between his wife Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma) and Jasmine (Simrat Kaur). In his greed to lech after both, will he find yourself losing everything? MS Raju’s Dirty Hari may be a strange film, a cautionary tale that both draws you in and drives you away at an equivalent time. At the top of it all, on one hand, you can’t help but laud the clever application of Chekhov’s gun, and on the opposite, you wonder why this film wasn’t made with better actors or treatment. Erotic thriller may be a genre that few filmmakers get right; MS Raju too almost pops track but manages to save lots of the film within the nick of your time.

Some Points

He annoyingly says ‘chaana’ tons and lusts after two women whom he disgustingly compares to a full meal and dessert. His wife Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma) may be a painter, the quintessential ‘nice’ girl-next-door who wears buttalu and does charity work. She’s wanting to get pregnant and he wants her because she’s rich. Jasmine (Simrat Kaur) is his friend Akash’s girlfriend, who’s an upcoming actress and model looking to catch an opportunity. She’s the quintessential ‘bold girl’ who says f*ck tons and can wear cleavage-bearing outfits.

And while love-making scenes are a given in any film of this genre, the very fact that treated with a male gaze almost makes it a sleep fest. And when lines like She loves someone, she got f*cked by somebody else, or Oka full meal taravata dessert kavali anipistundi, naku ala dorkindi ee sweety, or Manaki pillalu puttadaniki em problem ledu, inkonchem concentrate cheyyamanaru, are delivered with straight faces and no emotion, it causes you to wonder why you’re even watching this film.

However, things take a turn once Hari paints himself into a corner and realizes the ladies he’s with are anything but quintessential. By the top of the film, Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download it’s no spoiler to state that he gets what’s coming to him but the journey thereto stage is cliché ridden and predictable. Shravan Reddy and Simrat Kaur’s performances are inconsistent and come short in some scenes that need them to let it all out.

With the ambition to form it big within the city, Hari (Sharavan Reddy) lands in Hyderabad and gets employment during a club. an opportunity meeting with a businessman Aakash within the club changes his life. Akash’s cousin Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma) and Hari fall crazy. At an equivalent time, Hari gets interested in Akash’s girlfriend Jasmine (Simrat Kaur), a struggling actress. Soon Hari and Vasudha marry, and Jasmine breaks up with Akash.

Shravan Reddy as Hari fits perfectly. he’s handsome and acts well as an ambitious person with lecherous behavior. Shravan Reddy is understood to Bollywood audiences though this is often his first film in Tollywood. Ruhani Sharma as an upscale but dutiful wife is okay. Simrat Kaur has played a bold role. Hari loves Vasudha for an honest life, and money but desires Vasudha’s brother’s girlfriend for her hot body. A hero lusting his wife’s brother’s girlfriend is sort of bold. Vasudha’s sole aim in life is to possess four children.

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In a way, all characters believe Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download all the while, in a method or the opposite. Director MS Raju has written a story with the only aim to urge connected to the present generation of kids. However, the characterization of the trio Shravan Reddy, Simrat Kaur, and Ruhani Sharma, are unconvincing.

All in all, MS Raju’s attempt at an erotic genre is crammed with clichéd moments and bold sequences in equal portions. Climax portions and bold Vittalwadi Telugu Movie Download subject aside, slow pace, and repeated sex sequences make it very average fare.

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