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Vijeta Marathi Movie Download

Vijeta Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Torrent After a poor performance of the Maharashtra team at the National Games, the state’s sports academy appoints a mind coach for the team to inspire and help them had best within the next games. After watching the trailer of Vijeta, one is certain to be reminded of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De! India. The sports-based film, which also involves the return of a former sportsperson incapacity of a teacher, has reminded the SRK film but is different in its approach.

The story of the film revolves around Maharashtra’s athletics team and their representation at the National Games. to organize them for an equivalent, the dean of the state’s sports academy (Manasi Kulkarni) appoints Soumitra Deshmukh (Subodh Bhave) as their mind coach. Soumitra has been far away from the sports scene and therefore the reason is hidden in his past (which unfolds within the last half of the movie). But does Soumitra’s arrival cause a change within the team? To what extent does he need to for ensuring the team’s success? Does his past are available between his present endeavour? All answers are given within the film.

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Movie Review / Story

Writer-director Amol Shetge brings together an ensemble cast (Subodh, Pooja Sawant, Sushant Shelar, Pritam Kagney, Madhav Deochake et al) during this film. Though there are obvious similarities to Chak De! India, the writer-director banks on the background stories of the athletes during this film, making it, though monotonous, a stimulating watch. On the performance front, Subodh is ideal as always. He adapts the character’s approach and visual communication to the T and is subtle in his portrayal.

Vijeta Marathi Movie Download

Sushant Shelar, during a role with grey shades, is convincing too. Pooja Sawant owns the scenes she is in. the remainder of the cast does a sincere job too. Two other interesting aspects of the movie are the music (by Rohan-Rohan) and cinematography (by Uday Sinh Mohite), These, combined with the opposite goodies about the movie make Vijeta an honest watch.

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Going beyond rural hawks, village stories, social messages, various experiments are now being wiped out of Marathi films (Movie review of VIJETA). ‘Vijeta’ directed by Amol Shetge has made these lines even darker. Sports drama is never seen in Marathi. But the way director Amol Shetge has built this world during this movie is amazing.

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We get to ascertain the joys of the sector during this movie. If you watch a movie that supported sports in Hindi or other regional languages, the storyline is predicated on one sport, but this movie is true therein regard. Because during this movie we get to ascertain the joys of quite one game.

Subodh Bhave, Sushant Shelar, Pooja Sawant, Mansi Kulkarni, Pritam Kangane, Suhas Palashikar, Ajit Bhure, Madhav Devchake, Deepti Dhotre, Tanvi Parab, Devendra Chowghule, Anuradha Rajadhyaksh, Lalit Sawant are a number of the good actors during this movie. Director Amol Shetge has done justice to all or any of the actors. Every character within the movie is remembered. There are some buts within the movie, but if you check out it, this movie may be a real ‘winner’.

Vijeta Marathi Movie

Dean of Maharashtra Sports Academy Varsha Gaikwad (Mansi Kulkarni) wants to try to do anything to fly the flag of Maharashtra during this year’s National Games. Therefore, he appoints Soumitra Deshmukh (Subodh Bhave) because the mental coach of the academy. But Saumitra’s past is bad. He would be suspended from the academy for 3 years. Therefore, head coach Bhatkal (Sushant Shelar) strongly opposes the appointment of Soumitra. He also pitted some players against Saumitra. Despite these challenges, Soumitra has decided to try to do anything and make a bet this year.

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Vijeta Movie Detail

Movie: Vijeta
Director: Amol Shetge
Star cast: Subodh Bhave, Sushant Shelar, Pooja Sawant, Pritam Kagne, Manasi Kulkarni, Maadhav Deochake, Devendra Chougule, Tanvee Kishore, Dipti Dhotre, Krutika Tulaskar, Gaurish Shipurkar
Producer: Rahul Puri
Production company: Subhash Ghai & Mukta Arts Limited
Language: Marathi
Date of publication: 10 December 2021
Category: Drama
Duration: 2h 15m
Official Sites JioCinema, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5
Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p (estimated)

Nalini Jagtap (Pooja Sawant), Sunanda Gujar (Pritam Kangane), Sonia Karnik (Tanvi Parab), Devendra Jadhavkar (Devendra Chowghule), Jagdish More (Gorish Shipurkar), Rahul Thorat (Madhav Devchake), Sapna (Kritika Tulaskar), Kavita ( Deepti Dhotre) He brings of these players together and builds an excellent team. Now how does Saumitra bring all this together? How does he bring back their confidence? Does the flag of Maharashtra fly within the competition? what’s the past of Saumitra Deshmukh? you would like JavaScript enabled to look at it.

Adding the name of ‘Showman’ Subhash Ghai to the present movie naturally raised expectations from this movie. This movie won’t disappoint you. Whether it’s technical matters or the actions of the actors, this movie is true in everything. Director Amol Shetge has kept the pace of the movie great. Amol’s combination of emotions, jealousy, thrill, stubbornness may be a perfect match. it isn’t easy to offer everyone the proper space when numerous artists close, but this alchemy has been accomplished by Amol Shetge.

There are some but-buts in the cinema. The sowing of some unnecessary occasions in cinema could be avoided. a number of the sports scenes could be even more thrilling. Also, everyone’s past is shown within the movie. Since Subodh has shown Mindcoach in movies, it’s also right. But it might be fun if those scenes had been taken care of and therefore the thrill on the sector had been opened. The climax of the movie has close. One thing I might wish to mention is that after watching this movie, many young players from everywhere Maharashtra will find the ‘winner’ hidden in themselves.

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Subodh Bhave has done an excellent job within the role of Mindcoach Soumitra. In many cases, his penetrating gaze speaks volumes. I felt impressed by the role of Pooja Sawant Nalini. Nalini, who is struggling to satisfy her father’s dream, has done well. Pritam Kang has done an honest job within the role of Sunanda, but she still must improve her dialogue. If she works hard thereon, she is going to look better. during this movie, I might wish to mention Sushant Shelar.

After a few years, Sushant possesses such an honest role. He also took advantage of the chance and hit hard. Sushant remembers the role of head coach Bhatkal. Outspoken, eloquent, but even as light-hearted, he painted well. Suhas Palashikar has also attracted attention during a small role. Other actors within the movie have also done great work.

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