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Vicky Velingkar

Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download Leaked

Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download HD 720p to save lots of herself and a crucial discovery from falling within the wrong hands, Vicky Velingkar must change her approach and be a step before her opponent.

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In one among the first scenes of the film, Sonalee’s Vicky Velingkar says that she is unable to know what’s happening to her which her mind has gone numb from trying to work it out. The condition of the viewers is somewhat an equivalent till the top of the primary half. during a good way? Well, not necessarily.

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Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download

Watch store owner and magazine writer Vicky Velingkar is named to a criminal offense scene by Inspector Salunkhe (Ketan Singh). After learning of her friend Srushti’s death there, she leaves the place and goes to satisfy her hacker friend Lucky (Sangram Samel). Lucky tell her that Srushti sent him an encrypted mail that speaks of the situation of some device that she, a scientist, developed.

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In seconds, Vicky wakes up from what was seemingly a dream, only to measure through an equivalent set of events over and once again. So is it really a nasty dream or are 12 hours of her life progressing during a loop? Spoiler alert! within the first 20 mins of the film, those of you’ve got seen the Taapsee starrer Game Over, are sure to spot a similarity within the plot.

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The loop during which Vicky’s life goes around gets boring after the third time around. The film jumps from one thing to a different with no explanation. for instance , one moment the lead is informed about the murder of her friend and therefore the next moment there’s a comic book scene. These abrupt jumps hamper the flow of the film and a spotlight of the viewer. Everything happens very easily within the film and most of the days , without a correct explanation. Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download

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On their part, the actors, particularly Sonalee, attempt to concede their 100 per cent but a glitchy screenplay does nothing to further their efforts. The surprise packages during this story are Spruha Joshi and debutant Ketan Singh. To its credit, the last half is fast-paced and features a good twist too. Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download

Had director Saurabh Varma focussed only on this aspect, the result would’ve been much different. In its present form though, the film, together viewer put it, may be a 30-minute story stretched into a 125-minute film.Vicky Velingkar is what you get once you mix Game Over with Back to the longer term and simplify it multiple times. Sonalee fans can watch this one at their own risk. Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download.

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Vicky Velingkar Full Movie Download HD 720p
Vicky Velingkar

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