Valentine Day Status Video Download 2022 HD Available Online 720p

Valentine Day Status Video Download

Valentine Day Status Video Download 2022 HD Available Online 720p Valentine’s Day says that not everyone remembers their loved one and many memories are lost at the same time. It is the month of loving couples. When it comes to love, many things cannot be described in words.

Valentine week is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February. Valentine’s Day is celebrated but what is the reason behind it? Do you know

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So let’s find out why Valentine’s Day is celebrated not just for a different reason but because we celebrate Valentine’s Week today is an ancient thing.

Valentine Week Detail ( 7th Feb – 14th Feb)

Read Following Table


Day Name

7th Feb

Rose Day

8th Feb

Propose Day

9th Feb

Chocolate Day

10th Feb

Teddy Day

11th Feb

Promise Day

12Th Feb

Hug Day

13th Feb

Kiss Day

14th Feb

 Valentine Day


A king was living in the Roman Empire in the 3rd century. Whose name was Claudius? And he was cruel by nature, believing that unmarried soldiers would do better in war than married soldiers.

Because unmarried soldiers are not afraid of who is behind them, married soldiers are afraid of what will happen to their families when they leave, so they cannot fight the war well.

So he decided that no one in his kingdom wanted to get married. Although this decision was not accepted by all the people when this rule was imposed on the people, a kind person was living in that state, his name was Valentine, all the people there considered him a saint.

He did not obey the king, because he was saying that this injustice was happening to all the people.

Valentine Day Status Video Download 2022

So they gave some to their own, theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, to their crippled king,

But one day the king realized that his order was being violated, so he ordered Valentine to be killed.

Valentine was then imprisoned. At that moment, the jailer realized that Valentine had divine power, and someone told the jailer that his daughter had lost her sight. She can bring back Valentine.

For that, the jailer takes his daughter to Valentine’s Day and brings back the kind and generous Valentine jailer’s daughter’s vision. The jailer’s daughter and Valentine later fall in love and fall in love.

When the jailer’s daughter realized that Valentine was going to die, she was shocked and the day came when Valentine was going to be punished.

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Valentine again asked the jailer for papers and pens and he wrote a beautiful letter to his lover in which he said goodbye. And finally, the letter ends with “Your Valentine”, a word that people still remember.

And Valentine was sentenced to death on February 14. February 14 is celebrated in his name as Sacrifice Day. On this day all loving couples express their love by giving each other roses and chocolates.

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This is the history behind Valentine’s Day, so Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world.

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