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Vajvuya Band Baja

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Vajvuya Band Baja Full Movie Download HD 720p Presenting the Video of Vajvuya Band Baja Marathi Movie. Vajvuya Band Baja is a movie directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil and produced by Amol Laxman Kagne, Laxman Eknathrao Kagne.

Sameer Dharmadhikari, who still rules the hearts of kids together with his tall, dark and handsome look, will soon be seen within the movie ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’. Sameer are going to be seen during a humorous projection for the primary time during this film. The film is directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil. aside from Sameer, actor Mangesh Desai also will be seen within the role of a married young man within the film. Sameer Dharmadhikari and Mangesh Desai are going to be working together for the primary time on the occasion of ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’. Therefore, it’ll be curious for the audience to observe these two.

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Movie Review / Story

The film is produced by Laxman Eknathrao Kagane. during this film, the audience will get to ascertain the romance of two brothers, Sandeep and Amit. Sandeep may be a teacher taught by Sameer Dharmadhikari. Sandeep, who considers it his first duty to form good students within the society, has no access to women aside from his mother and his girlfriend. Amit, played by Mangesh Desai, is that the only compounder cum doctor within the village.

Vajvuya Band Baja Full Movie

he’s wounded within the love of the daughter of an equivalent doctor to whom Amit is practicing. Does Sandeep testify to his love ahead of his girlfriend? Does the doctor’s daughter testify to Amit’s love. you’ll find interesting solutions to those questions by watching ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’.

The story of ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’ is written by Sandeep Naik. Nishant Nathram Dhapse has also written the script and dialogues for the film. The film are going to be shot by Nagraj Divakar. Other categories include Sangeet-Vijay Gatlewar, Singer Adarsh Shinde, Sankal-Nilesh Gawand and Art Director-Santosh Samudra. Will our love succeed for everybody who falls crazy . this is often a really important question. ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’ comments thereon during a funny way. The producers-directors hope that this film will certainly appeal to the youth.

The entire movie industry was paralysed by the Corona pandemic. However, following the principles of the govt , it’s come to light that the add the movie industry goes on smoothly. Similarly, with the approval of cinema theatres to open by the govt , one film after another is on its thanks to release. Meanwhile, the much talked about film ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’ produced by National Award winning producer Laxman Eknathrao Kagane and directed by National Award winning director Shivaji Lotan Patil and presented by Amol Laxman Kagane is ready to hit the screens across Maharashtra.

Vajvuya Band Baja Full Movie

The film may be a laugh riot and it’s music increased the curiosity of the film. Now, once more , these songs are going to be regaling the audience as this film is prepared for release next month. Sanjeev Tiwari has written a comic book story of ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’ supported the fun of the lives of the three brothers.

Cinematographer Nagraj Divakar has done the work of drawing a gorgeous canvas within the film. Singers Adarsh Shinde, Vijay Gatlewar, Suvarna Tiwari and Rahul Mishra sang songs while music consists by Vijay Gatlewar and Rahul Mishra.

The theme of ‘Vajvuya Band Baja’, which attracts youngsters, will appeal to children of all ages. there’s little question that ‘Wajvuya Band Baja’ will certainly entertain viewers and can allow them to forget the sufferings of lockdown.

Movie Cast

Cast – Sameer Dharmadhikari, Mangesh Desai, Chinmay Udgirkaar, Pritam Kagne, Nagesh, Bhagshree Desai, Vishvijaya G , Mahendra Tisage, Sudhakar Birajdar, Kapil Gudsurkar, Amir Tadwalkar
Production House – Amol Kagne Films
Directed by – Shivaji Lotan Patil
Produced by – Amol Laxman Kagne, Laxman Eknathrao Kagne
Writer – Sanjiv Tiwari Vajvuya Band Baja Full
Screenplay & Dialogues – Nishant Dhapse
DOP – Nagraj Divakar
Production Head – Akash Rathod
Production Manager – Mahendra Tisage
Art Director- Santosh Samudra
Music Director – Vijay Gatlewar , Rahul Mishra
Singer – Adarsha Shinde, Vijay Gatlewar, Suvarna Tiwari, Rahul Mishra

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Movie Cast

  • Lyrics – Mandar Cholkar, Prashant Hajban
  • BGM – Nikhil Tiwari
  • Dance choreograph – Pradip Kalekar, Shardul Kuwar
  • Makeup – Laxman Jadhav
  • Dress – Sanjiv Singh
  • Sound Mixing – Anup Dev
  • Post Production studio – BGIL Studio (Rajesh Sarkar)
  • Visual Promotions – PARTH Y. BHATT
  • Publicity design – Miliind Matkar
  • Digital Marketing – Vizual Junkies
  • PR – FreshMint Media (Latika Chindarkar Dholam, Mahesh Kole)
  • Distributor – Pickle Entertainment Release (Samir Dixit,
  • Rishikesh Bhirangi)
  • Editor – Nilesh Gavand

Vajvuya Band Baja Songs

  1. Mazi Sakhi Lyrics Vajvuya Band Baja
  2. Tuzya Ani Mazya Premache Song

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Vajvuya Band Baja

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