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Uppena Telugu Movie Download Available HD 720p Tamilrockers Uppena may be a film that has created tons of hype from the day the promos were out. The film is finally out and let’s see how it’s. Aasi(Vaishnav Tej) may be a poor fisherman’s son who falls crazy with Sangeetha(Kriti Shetty), the daughter of an upscale landlord Rayanam(Vijay Sethupati). The couple gets deep crazy but a significant problem between the 2 villages changes the story the wrong way up. Seeing this, the couple takes a crazy step and this changes the course of their life in a big way.

Uppena Telugu Movie Download

One of the most important plus points of the film is Devi Sri Prasad’s splendid music. It holds the narration in a big way. Every song is superbly composed and shot well. The premise of the film is additionally quite good and has an earthy feeling.

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Movie Review / Story

Vaishnav Tej makes a solid debut and is ideal in his role of Aasi. Be it his impressive eyes, visual communication, and dialogue delivery, Tej is sort of good and one cannot believe that it’s his first film. The way he carried his emotions throughout the film shows that he’s surely a talent to observe. Vijay Sethupati is sweet because of the main villain. Though he doesn’t get ample time within the half, he’s menacing in whatever scenes he gets. The special effects are stunning and the dialogues need a special mention.

Uppena Telugu Movie Download

But the important star of the film is the heroine Kriti Shetty. What a debut she has made and therefore the young actress will surely be a subsequent big thing as Kriti has the looks. and acting prowess. The climax is narrated through her and Kriti is simply amazing and impresses you completely. The chemistry between the lead pair is so good to ascertain on screen. Uppena Telugu Movie Download The last half of the film gets a tad slow. the primary half is ended with an honest twist but once that’s revealed, things get mundane and boring. within the last half, the couple elopes and this brings routine scenes into the image because of this, the pace drops and the scenes become predictable.

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Uppena Telugu Movie Download

The climax is tough hitting but one cannot understand Vijay Sethupati’s substitute for all this. His character which is showcased so strongly throughout the film becomes quite dull and helpless at the end which looks a touch odd. The dialogues mouthed by Kriti during the climax are quite bold and other people may need mixed opinions about it. Devi Sri Prasad is the lifetime of the film as his music will usher in the crowds. His BGM is additionally amazing and elevates the story well. the assembly design is extremely good than the costumes designed for the lead pair. The editing is decent then was the makeup for all the fishermen.

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Coming to the director Buchi Babu makes a powerful debut with Uppena. If he would have made the last half a touch crisp, things would have gone to a different level. Nevertheless, Buchi Babu may be a talent to observe.

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Movie Songs List

  1. Nee Kannu Neeli Samudram Songs
  2. Dhak Dhak Dhak Songs
  3. Jala Jala Jalapaatham Nuvvu Songs

If Jalayya’s son becomes the son-in-law of the owner Rayanam Gari, why does Jalayya swear? But how can Rayanam’s son-in-law become Jalayya’s son? Painful romance film ‘Uppena’ from that question. Ashi (Vaishnav Tej), son of Jalayya, a fisherman on the Uppada coast. the owner is Rayanam (Vijay Sethupathi)’s daughter Sangeetha alias Bebamma (Kriti Shetty). Uppena Telugu Movie Download Aashi and Bebamma fall crazy initially sight. If the 130-year-old dignity raised by grandparents is lost thanks to an 18-year-old daughter. Uppena Telugu Movie Download what a disgusting decision Rayanam couldn’t save is the ‘flood’ movie.

Love is the substance of Brahma, but it is sensible if it’s served. and that is all love stories. regardless of what you’re taking, the background of the story is love and conflict between the 2. What matters is how well they’re shown. Hero Vaishnav Tej, heroine Kriti Shetty, and director Buchibabu Sana made their debut in the film ‘Uppena’. But the sensation of a replacement director. a replacement hero a replacement heroine is nowhere to be seen.

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Director Buchibabu narrates a romance as pure and delightful because of the pure sea air. the primary film showed that he’s a director with good content. Our real lives the emotions in it. he tried to bring the circumstances around us to the screen as a story and provides the scent of clay pure.

The sea may have boundaries Can the ‘surge’ be limited? is that the touch of affection, not enough for a lifetime the purpose is presented as convincing? But the question here is how the audience is going to be received.

Masculinity doesn’t mean being between two legs. If a woman is next to the boy she loves, she will feel love instantly. that’s masculinity. He’s enough Uppena Telugu Movie Download seems like there’s no need for love or money else within the world check out that masculinity Magadi isn’t an organ in some corner of the body Magic is in every atom of his body it’s the popularity of true masculinity which will be seen Love may be a ‘surge’ with a tragic event that doesn’t cripple divinity The director put an end to the story.

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