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Triple Seat Full Movie Download HD MP4 720p

Triple Seat

Triple Seat Full Movie Download Leaked

Triple Seat portrays the struggles of a recently married couple seeking to move out of their family home and buy an apartment. Born and raised in Metropolitan Mumbai, Amit works in the packing industry with his approach to life reinforced by his father, a horse trainer.

Amit’s wife, Manjiri, a native of the village of Roha, with a remarkable zest for life, is optimistic about working as an LIC agent despite the difficulties of adjusting to city life.

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triple seat full movie

Movie Cast:

Movie – Triple Seat
Singer – Bela Shende
Music – Avinash Vishwajeet
Lyricist – Mandar Cholkar & Vishwajeet Joshi
Arrangers/Programmers – Avinash Vishwajeet
Cast – Ankush Chaudhari, Shivani Surve, Pravin Tarde, Pallavi Patil, Rakesh Bedi, Vidyadhar Joshi, Vaibhav Mangle & Yogesh Shirsath
Production House – Anushka Motion Pictures And Entertainments & Ahmednagar Film Company
Producer – Narendra Shantikumar Firodia & Swapnil Sanjay Munot
Director – Sanket Pavse

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Movie Story

Krushna believes in helping people, whether he knows them or not. But his kind nature lands him in trouble when he’s forcibly married to a woman who wants to flee from her abusive father. To top that, we soon learn that Krushna is already engaged to a different girl. The film is about the predicament of the commitment he makes to everyone.

Triple Seat may be a story that beats round the bush and fails to possess any quite impact on the audience. Director Sanket Pavse could have played up the love triangle bit well on screen, but with each scene, the story gets predictable and repetitive. Given the very fact that the film may be a drama/ comedy, one would expect it to be relatable, but that does not happen either.

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Triple Seat Full Movie Download Leaked

The film begins with Krushna’s (Ankush Chaudhari) story. he’s a kind-hearted one that helps anyone who asks for it. One day, Krushna gets a random call from a stranger named Meera aka Tanvi (Shivani Surve) who says she has been kidnapped and wishes help. Krushna approaches inspector Bhaurao (Pravin Tarde), but when he calls the amount from there, he realises that the girl was joking.
This begins a series of a phone conversations between the 2 and that they find yourself sharing their feelings and biography almost everyday.

In between all this, Tanvi is handling an abusive father (Vaibhav Mangle) who gets annoyed together with her for the littlest of things. On the opposite hand, Krushna life is unfolding rather dramatically as he’s engaged to be married to Vrinda (Pallavi Patil).

In a weird turn of events, on the day of Krushna’s wedding to Vrinda, inspector Bhaurao summons Krushna to the police headquarters as Tanvi goes missing from home and her last call is to Krushna. during a misunderstanding, Tanvi is married off to Krushna and his engagement to Vrinda is named off. Now, Krushna must find how to affect things .
After watching Ankush Chaudhari in Double Seat, taking a ride with him in Triple Seat is nearly unbearable.

The film may be a never-ending saga of strange coincidences and random comic situations that are mostly unrelatable. As far as acting cares , Ankush, Shivani and Pallavi are average and that is a pity because they need some good work to their credit individually. Pravin Tarde and Rakesh Bedi are convincing in their small roles but that’s not enough to save lots of the film. Triple Seat are often an honest await yo as long as you’re certain a no brainer.

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Director: Sanket Prakash Pavse

Date Created: 2021-10-18 11:31

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