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The Married Woman Web Series Download Available HD What makes it worse are the overstretched episodes. The wife forces you to take a seat through episode after episode of non-development. The subplot of an inter-caste marriage annoys you extra since it adds nothing to the central narrative.

The protagonist of AltBalaji and ZEE5’s latest web series The wife, Astha (Ridhi Dogra), probably received a similar ‘gyaan’ while growing up and is now a standard dutiful wife, daughter-in-law, and mother at the value of her happiness. She is content in her domesticity, despite being married to an inconsiderate husband Hemant (Suhaas Ahuja), who has customary sex together with her every second Saturday. In Astha’s words, Peeplika touches her in a way no man ever did and made her discover herself. But her self-discovery would come at the value of her relationships.

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Web Series Story / Review

The trailer of The wife intrigued me to find out how the lives of two love-starved women, starkly different from one another, will intertwine. How will they escape from the normal gender-defined roles assigned to them by society and find solace in one another? Will their clandestine love ever find acceptance in a society where ‘sabhyata’ and ‘maryada’ mean everything?

First, she moves far away from her husband to a director Aijaaz Khan (Imaad Shah). Her fondness for him stems from the very fact that he teaches her to measure free from her inhibitions and acknowledge her desires, which are ignored by her family. But eventually, it’s Aijaaz’s wife Peeplika who ‘clicks’ with Astha. Now, what attracts Astha to Peeplika, why she grows keen on her, and where that intense passion come from, we never get to understand.

The Married Woman’ revolves around a The Married Woman Web Series Download university professor Astha, who is a perfect wife, daughter-in-law, and an ideal mother who has everything a lady can hope for from her marriage a dependable husband, amicable in-laws, and two children, yet she feels incomplete as a private. On her mission, she meets a free-minded soul, Peeplika, who helps Astha find her true self. Along the way, Astha falls head over heels crazy with Peeplika despite being married to Hemant (Suhaas Ahuja). But will she be ready to break all boundaries on her path to self-discovery?

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The writers have done a commendable job in handling Astha’s emotions with such a lot of sensitivity. The dialogues fall crazy with a soul, not the gender, Love is beyond individuality and conditioning is impactful. However, it’s a slow-burner which is sort of disappointing and viewers often find it a struggle to remain connected with the plot. Also, Astha’s immediate liking and powerful passionate feelings towards Peeplika look quite unconvincing and unnatural.

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The lyrics of the title track ‘Bematlab’ by Amrita Bagchi is sort of well written. It enhances the impact of the plot, especially when it’s used as a background score.

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Ridhi Dogra as Astha is fairly impressive. She seamlessly slips into her character and conveys her emotions as a lady who is cautious to precise her desires, The Married Woman Web Series Download yet not willing to suppress them anymore. Moreover, the breaking the fourth wall sort of narration aptly gives voice to her thoughts and renders a transparent picture to the audience. With a mix of profundity and sensuality, Monica Dogra has played her part well. From among the remainder of the cast, Suhas Ahuja does a fine job as a patriarchal husband who dismisses his spouse’s feelings. Imaad Shah is head-strong and highly opinionated as an intellectual human with liberal thinking.

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