The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City Movie Download

The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Set within the city of Mumbai, the film depicts the lives of seven different individuals all consumed by situational depression and the way their paths intersect for better and worse. Seven individual lives, all intertwined in ways quite one, are grasped within the clutches of life’s inexorable difficulties that ultimately pushes them over the fence, prompting most of the characters

Anand (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi), Parul (Jyoti Malshe), Kavya (Neha Khan), Warren Lobo (Deep Raj Rana), Sumit Balsaria (Kay Kay Menon), Zulfiqar Hussain (Mahesh Bhatt), Prince (Avii) to succumb to the blows of depression.

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Movie Story / Review

‘The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City’ is an effort to portray the shadowy side of an enormous city like Mumbai and the way, to blend in with the gang and live up to their sky-high expectations, people make irreversible mistakes before the realisation sets therein life during a jungle isn’t as rosy because it seems.

The incidents shown during this slice-of-life flick, which are supposedly grim and a mirrored image of how life seems like, doesn’t resonate with the audience whatsoever. including a lacklustre script, is a few bad acting and shoddy cinematography. Mahesh Bhatt, who plays the role of a pining father, is sort of the natural ahead of the camera. Kay Kay Menon, despite a weak story in hand, renders a performance that one would expect from a seasoned actor like him. the remainder of the cast was pretty bland and did not evoke any sense of grief or pity for the stories they’re a neighbourhood of and therefore the characters they essay on screen.

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‘The Dark Side of Life Mumbai City’ has many enemies that kill its honest attempt towards highlighting the alarming issue of depression and suicide, and therefore the length of it’s one among them. The reiterating theme song within the film, Aawargi, is employed as and when pleased, which may be a big downer. And, the treatment of the sub-plots fails to justify each character decision to finish their lives and therefore the subsequent change of heart, especially because their grief doesn’t translate into the screen the way it should have.

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If you’re new to Mumbai, this movie is probably a poor choice to address for understanding the heartbeat of this vivacious city. The drama may be a sum of everything and that is where it goes completely wrong.

This film may be a preach-fest which underlines, “Zindagi mein haarna, par zindagi se na haarna”, which loosely translates to, “Lose in life but don’t hand over on life easily”. And one among the first frames, before the narrative begins, gives us in-depth and comparative statistics of the number of suicides committed globally and within the country. The film resonates with characters that appear to begin of the metro dailies, interlocking stories of their lives, all defined in a method or another by the depressing standard of living here.

But unfortunately, the town Mumbai that’s used as a personality within the film fails to form its presence felt. In short, this is often a generic story of varied characters with who only Mumbai sites will identify. We understand quickly enough who the characters are and what their lives are like and wait in anticipation for his or her lives to hit the nadir. But alas, the screenplay written by Nisar Akhtar and Tariq Khan lacks the heft to draw us into the emotional investment. Each story is flat and cardboard thin, which creates this sound almost like episodic television characters.

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But the cast is uniformly strong and that they make their characters particularly real and plausible despite being cliched. within the face of it, Mahesh Bhatt delivers as Zulfiqar sputtering his semi-biopic character that mirrored lines from his film Zakhm. While Sayed Gul’s Kadambari reflects actresses from the tiny and enormous screen, Deepraj Rana’s Warren Lobo reminds one among the late commissioner Himanshu Roy.

Avii Pardasani in his debut because the wannabe singer Prince is charming. he’s cute and impressive. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi’s Anand and therefore the remainder of the cast are nearly stereotyped. The special effects are decent and apart from a few blaring edit glitches, the film is astutely mounted with ace production values. and therefore the songs mesh seamlessly into the narrative. Overall, the film seems to possess borrowed its concept from the 2004 released English film Crash but fails to form an impression like its English counterpart.

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