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Thalli Pogathey Movie Download

Thalli Pogathey Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Anton often shifts his focus off the story. His inconsistent storytelling, especially, during the primary half tests your patience, and reciprocally, we get a meet-cute love scene, songs, and slow-paced action sequences.

Sathya (Atharvaa) dreams of getting groundbreaking cases to handle but finishes up in an operator room, attending calls. within the beginning, a few youngsters call the room saying their school had a bomb threat. Sathya gets uninterested in answering prank calls and waits for a true call that might change his life. And, that happens. Further, this results in complications, and also, we get a parallel track to the story, a drug-peddling gang.

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Movie Review / Story

But he does set things up well within the initial scenes. Atharvaa gets tons of character build-up, Thalli Pogathey Movie Download which could are avoided. Radha Ravi plays pistol Prabhakaran, a senior officer, who never had the prospect to use his gun. i actually found the entire angle unconvincing.

Thalli Pogathey Movie Download

Hansika barely has anything to try to do within the film, and eventually disappears within the last half, like Thalli Pogathey Movie Download most of the ‘commercial’ heroines. Pardon my generalization, but that’s how it’s.

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The portrayal of police in Tamil cinema will bring a stimulating case study. Traditionally, the officers are shown to be inefficient or corrupt, or inadequate, which successively, justifies the existence of the archetypal masala hero. the sole time police are shown as harbingers of justice and possessors of top-notch investigative acumen are when the hero plays a cop.

Thalli Pogathey Movie

Sam mounts his film on the backdrop of a police room, and this is often, undoubtedly, the USP of the film. When 100 moves to the present room and deals thereupon Thalli Pogathey Movie Download life-changing call answered by Atharvaa’s Sathya, the film goes full steam ahead. However, this doesn’t excuse the slack beginning.

Atharvaa wants to be a cop and his first bout of heroism comes within the sort of thrashing a university kid (Raaj Aiyappa as Vicky), who misbehaved with the sister of his cop-friend, Anwar (Mahesh). But in fact, Vicky and Ayesha are crazy, and therefore the former is that the brother of Nisha (Hansika Motwani). a stimulating segue for Sathya to satisfy Nisha. there’s a meet-cute, a trivial misunderstanding, and just four minutes later we hear Atharvaa list out the explanations to fall crazy with Hansika, which incorporates gems like she may be a working woman who returns home before sunset.

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Movie Songs

All this is often done and dusted in 20-25 minutes, and by this point, Sathya receives his appointment order. Then, Hansika disappears. I genuinely thought this is able to be Atharvaa’s first case despite being introduced to the workings of a courier company, that’s just a front for a drug-peddling unit led by Mime Gopi and Cheenu Mohan. And in between all this, there’s the mysterious murder of a teenage girl, human trafficking, and juvenile convicts. because the movie progressed, it became clear that the ‘Curious Case of the missing Hansika’ was only bothering me. Neither Atharvaa nor her circle of relatives was remotely concerned about her. While we may never know why Hansika’s Nisha was written off in such an unapologetic manner, I won’t deny it had been a welcome move because there are only numerous times you’ll watch someone struggle to lipsync a Tamil dialogue and fail miserably.

100 becomes a totally different film when Sathya receives that appointment order. From Nirbhaya Thalli Pogathey Movie Download to the recent Pollachi case, a variety of such incidents are referenced, but thankfully, the film talks about the legal loopholes and therefore the importance of proper parenting. the standard ‘keep your girls safe at home’ or ‘a real man protects women’ shtick isn’t touted. Extra points for that maturity in writing.

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The initial exasperation of Atharvaa on being posted within the confines of the room, the presence of fellow trainee M Jackson, and Radha Ravi’s dignified mentor role, are well written by Sam. The scenes where Sathya warms up to the present job and becomes a cop-vigilante mention some interesting moments. Atharvaa packs quite a clock in the action sequences, which thankfully, aren’t too long. Yes, henchmen are thrown around like bags of wool, but Atharvaa’s physicality convinces you of his ability to truly do so. Though the actor also scores high on the humour front, he falters within the emotional scenes.

100 is one of those films that features a solid supporting cast who put up spirited performances. But the inconsistencies in pacing and innumerable subplots put us off sometimes. While it’s okay to possess enough double-crosses to place The Departed to shame, Thalli Pogathey Movie Download the cramping of these details within the last act proves to be a dampener. it might are gold if the ultimate reveal of 100 gave you adequate time to gasp, sidestep the red herrings, and gasp again because the hero vanquishes the villain. Here, it’s more sort of a call trace here, a GPS tracker there, and boom the villain reveal.

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