Teen Muhurat Full Movie Download 720p HD

Teen Muhurat

Teen Muhurat Full Movie

Teen Muhurat Full Movie Download Teen Muhurat may be a Hindi movie released on 28 Feb, 2020. The movie is directed by Deyali Mukherjee and featured Vartika Tiwari, Aritra Sarkar, Raj Banerjee and Richa Meena as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped certain Teen Muhurat are Anurag_Thakur and Disha Thakur.

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Review: Teen Muhurat may be a film that tries to showcase women as they’re , different from each other albeit they need an equivalent strength. We get to satisfy Ritu, Isha and Neha at different crucial moments of their lives, where one questions the ethics of getting married, the opposite two get up for themselves in professional lives.

The director, a lady herself, tries to showcase the complexity and therefore the pressure a lady feels to please the family, society, stereotypes then herself. Ritu, hours before getting married, wonders if she wants to offer into patriarchy albeit she is proud of her partner, while her friend, who belongs to the LGBTQ community is struggling to win his loved one’s approval.

Teen Muhurat Full Movie Download

Teen Muhurat Full Movie Download

The second muhurat follows Neha, who may be a career woman and believes in herself. She is kind, understanding and hardworking but her faith wavers when she finds out the work she has been doing will never be recognized because society only cares about how she looks. Isha, on the opposite hand, already knows the society won’t take her seriously until she becomes someone who can dictate the terms.

So she chooses to try to to what’s best for her, not carrying about others’ expectations. Teen Muhurat gives us an opportunity to ascertain three different women within the most vital and decisive moments of their lives. While all of them chose different paths, they chose it on their own terms. The director, Deyali Mukherjee, has kept all three stories simple and to the purpose . and therefore the well-maintained continuity helps with a smoother transition from one story to a different . These women prove that in every walk of life, they need the proper to settle on their beliefs over society’s comfort.

Teen Muhurat. Teen Mahurat may be a film with three different segments that affect women empowerment and revolve around three women who take a crucial decision of their life in three auspicious hours.

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