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Tauba Tauba Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla All the teachers of the country who were outraged at the prospect of a shallow pupil hobnobbing together with his gorgeous guru don’t have anything to fear except sleaze. Sunny first ogles at an educator in class (Supriya Karnik) as if he had just watched Rishi Kapoor in “Mera Naam Joker” gawking at Simi Garewal.

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Then he, and therefore the utterly confused director, quickly advance to other perverse prospects. Sunny goes for a hedonistic holiday in his father’s mansion. during a few sequences, the father is in an undetermined foreign country getting massaged while Sunny-boy back house is having an honest time together with his neighbour.

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Movie Review / Story

After the teenage boy and therefore the woman nearby have s*x, the narrative changes gears. the lady nearby is found murdered. a couple of clumsy shots then the ‘director’ decides he wants to form a Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download comedy of errors a few fraudulent moviemakers and his aborted plans to hoodwink our 15-year-old hero. By the time “Tauba Tauba” creaks to a halt you did not know what it’s meant to be: a sex comedy or an emasculated tragedy. The performances are all about making faces at the camera. Those contorted faces seem to be teasing us for braving this bizarre burlesque about cheesy desires.

TAUBA TAUBA isn’t only about voyeurism. In fact, the film is often divided into two parts. While the primary half is all about voyeurism, with the interval point changing tracks to the thriller genre, the last half becomes a revenge saga. Minus blood and gore. TAUBA TAUBA tells Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download the story of two kids Sunny and Lokesh, who, like most adolescents, are interested in the other sex. such a lot so that they even eye their teachers.

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The first term involves an end and therefore the children return to their homes. Sunny goes back to his empty mansion in Pune and finds his millionaire father, Mr Shanbaug, like always, immersed in his work. A heartbroken and lonely Sunny starts visiting porn sites on the web. Rocky, Shanbaug’s trusted manager, watches Sunny browsing the varied adult sites. Rocky is wanting to become a movie producer and begin a movie with Shah Rukh Khan. He has even taken a loan of Rs. After the morning, as Sunny wakes up, he finds Payal dead. A Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download shell shocked Sunny rushes to his mansion and bumps into Rocky, who successively asks Sunny the rationale for looking scared and nervous. Sunny spills the beans. Rocky decides to assist Sunny and together they bury the body in a secluded area. But someone’s spying on them.

Sunny agrees to the stress of the blackmailer. and provides the cheques to Rocky. Later, Sunny spots Payal at a mall, and therefore the cat is out of the bag. Payal tells Sunny that the whole thing was nothing but a conspiracy on the part of Rocky to extract money from Sunny. Payal had been a neighbourhood of it because her boyfriend Mica is to be operated upon for a spinal cord injury and thus, she requires the cash. Sunny and Payal join hands to show Rocky a lesson and in fact, get the Rs. 1 crore back. Payal pretends to be Gauri Khan and therefore the duo hatch a plot to settle scores.

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As mentioned above, TAUBA TAUBA is often divided into two parts. While the primary half has titillation aplenty, the last half diversifies to an altogether different track. The boy steps into the shoes of a hero and does what most Hindi film heroes do effortlessly, including bashing up goons and making the culprit confess to his crime.

From the scripting point of view, the author shouldn’t have revealed the conspiracy hatched by Rocky and Payal soon after Sunny thinks she’s dead. The suspense element should’ve been retained a minimum of for Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download a few longer, till Sunny spots her within the mall. From the viewer’s point of view, one starts losing interest once the suspense is revealed. Even the generous dose of skin shown within the half is totally missing within the post-interval portions. The last half gets juvenile because it progresses and therefore the climax, though meant to be funny, is so childish that you simply often wonder that the author could also be under the impression that the viewer of today is as dumb as his writing.

Director T.L.V. Prasad tries to balance titillation, suspense, and comedy but doesn’t really succeed mainly thanks to the weak script. Music is functional, with the title track [at the beginning of the film] being the pick of the lot. Cinematography is serviceable. TAUBA TAUBA doesn’t really demand histrionics the maximum amount as skin show and therein respect, Payal Rohatgi and therefore the half-a-dozen girls, within the skimpiest of outfits, deserve distinction marks.

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But on the entire Judgemental Hai Kya skirts around its missteps without either losing its momentum or straying off its chosen course. Balance is of the essence here because the film plays call at a shady and twisted world where what you see isn’t what you ought to expect. The Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download difference between what’s apparent and what’s concealed is underlined by the utilization of two 1970s numbers Duniya Mein Logon Ko Dhoka Kabhi Ho Jata Hai and Tauba Tauba Kya Hoga Hona Hai Jo Ho Jaane Do. The film delights in playfully foxing the audience, swaying freely into and out of situations that baffle the maximum amount as they intrigue.

The plot oscillates between the typical and therefore the brilliant because it unfolds in a way that approximates the muddle within the mind of a wracked woman who goes head to go against a seemingly taciturn tenant Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download of hers in the aftermath of a death foretold by the previous. The smart writing and therefore the spiffy directorial touches give the film its edge. The sharpness also stems from the consistent quality of the lead performances from Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao and therefore the solid contributions of the supporting cast.

However, one question remains should problems of a psychiatric nature be made the idea of entertainment of the type that this film proffers? The jury is out thereon, but like much else within the film, this doubt never takes the shape of full-blown scepticism. Eventually, the lady sought to be dismissed as she suffers from dissociative Tauba Tauba 2004 Movie Download identity disorder caused by a traumatic childhood incident, and her outings as a dubbing artiste for C-grade genre flicks get the higher of a world that’s bent corner her and make her buy her assertive deeds.

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