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Taanashah Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Even before Shiva could wrap his head around the string of murders he had committed out of sheer anger and intense vengeful tendencies, the gullible geezer was already under the wings of the notorious dacoit, Raja Rangoli (Jeetu Shastri), within the lawless land of Bundelkhand.

which burning desire for revenge, including able aid from corrupt government bodies and military of baaghis (rebels), sends him on a 28-year-long journey of brutality in and around the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) within the 80s and 90s.

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Movie Review / Story

Right from the costumes to the thick Bundeli accent, the writer-director seems to possess got the guts beat of this crime drama right, and his extensive homework reflects in his cinema. The cast and crew, too, have sweated it out on the field the cinematography, despite Taanashah Movie Download being set during a secluded village within the interiors of UP, keeps the audience engaged and adds value to the plotline.

Protagonist Dilip Arya as a vulnerable hillbilly-turned-cold-blooded dacoit has rendered a commendable performance, never losing grip over his conniving character of Shiva, and thus the supporting star cast is just as cinematically involved in taking the story forward.

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However, what doesn’t work for this otherwise convincing tale of bloodshed fuelled by revenge is its plot progression the diegesis is predictable till the very end and has melodramatic moments that were Taanashah Movie Download introduced perhaps to feature weightage to the plot, but they end up looking forced upon instead. to not mention, the background score could also be a continuing reminder of a recent cult film from the same genre, which can be a serious setback for ‘Taanashah’.

Also, a crucial character played by Jeetu Shastri has hammed it up for the cameras which partially takes away from the seriousness of the film. True, Ritam Srivastav has done justice to the movie to a considerable extent, but the script lacked originality in ways quite one; a few interesting twists and turns would have done the trick for the film.

Chitrakoot and thus the encompassing dense forests are realistically captured in TAANASHAH the Dacoit film which is inspired by true events. it is also been critically acclaimed at several International Film Festivals. Taanashah Movie Download If you are the kinds who like realistic cinema, then Taanashah is worth once a watch. It creatively captures the planet and soul of rural areas which still witness the oppression of the lower caste people.

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Movie Songs

Dilip Arya plays the protagonist, Shiva whose father and sister are killed by the village Thakur, hence to avenge their death, Shiva kills the Thakur’s clan which ends up within the police gunning for him. In his journey hiding from the cops, he comes in-tuned with a gang of dacoits.

Taanashah has loosely supported the life events of famous bandit Shiv Kumar Patel or Dadua. Shiv ruled the jungles of Bundelkhand uninterrupted for 28 and more years and by the time he was killed by STF in 2007, he had control over 14 MLA seats and he virtually decided who would rule UP next. The dreaded outlaw had evolved a robust ecosystem with innumerable beneficiaries and no one dared go against him. The dacoit Shiva is additionally revered by the village folk as he’s kind of a village Robinhood. within the method, the local politician needs the dacoit’s help to win the election. Then begins the game of betrayal and an online of politics and backstabbing.

Movie Clips / Trailer

Shot in real locations in Chitrakoot in UP, Mukesh Srivastava has written and produced this film Taanashah Movie Download that portrays the actual hinterland of India. Even today weapons are easily available in these places and one small mistake could erupt into rivalry in these ravines.

Taanashah is a remarkable performance by Dilip Arya and thus the opposite cast is perfectly selected, while the protagonist Daddu carries the film entirely on his shoulders. Other memorable performances are from Vinod Nahardih playing the doctor and Pranay Narayan playing Inspector Jamal very beautifully treading tracks from being a careless cop to a fearless one under the do-or-die Superintendent of Police.

Movie Star Cast

  • Dilip Arya – Shiva
  • Laura Mishra – Rama
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya – SP Ajay Sinha
  • Jeetendra Shastri – Raja Rangoli
  • Ravi Khanvilkar – Minister
  • Vinod Nahardih – Doctor
  • Manoj Joshi – Sukhlal
  • Pranay Narayan – Insp Jamal
  • Tanmay Ranjan – DSP Ranveer Singh
  • Director – Ritam Srivastav
  • Writers – Mukesh Srivastava, Akhilesh Jaisawal, Akhil
  • Choudhary, Ritam Srivastava
  • DOP – Hari Nair, Sharan Velayudhan Nair
  • Editor – Prashant Naik, Abhishek Ranjan
  • Sound Designer – Rakesh Ranjan
  • Music Director – Pravesh Mallick
  • Casting Director – Parag Mehta
  • Art Direction – Shambhu Nath, Ritesh Jadhav
  • Production Designer – Jayant Deshmukh
  • Action Master – Hiralal Yadav
  • Costume Designers – Narendra Singh, Subodh
  • Shrivastava, Khushboo Banerjee, Renuka Sharma
  • Post Production – After Play
  • Producers – Frame to frame Ent. Pvt. Ltd. Malik Movies,
  • Rizwan Ahmad, Rehan Ahmad
  • Released by Screenshot Media Entertainment Group

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