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Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download

Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Swecha (Mangli), who is born within the Banjara community gets sold by her father to Sakku Bai. Somehow, she escapes from there and reaches Hyderabad. She grows up as a responsible citizen and once more goes to her village and starts saving little girls who are within the den of Sukkubai.

the remainder of the story is on what quite problems does Swecha face in her life and fulfils Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download her dreams. The women empowerment message showcased within the film is pretty good and wishes to be appreciated.

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Movie Review / Story

The way girls are treated within the Banjara community has been showcased quite well. All the scenes that showcase these incidents are quite emotional and convey depth to the film.

Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download

Mangli does an honest job in her role. Her visual communication and modulations Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download are perfect for her character and Mangli carried the whole film on her shoulders. The girl who played Mangli in her younger days also acted quite well. KP Chauhan, who did the lead role was almost okay.

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As the film is crammed with newcomers, certain emotions within the key scenes couldn’t be Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download elevated well. the primary half is sort of dull and doesn’t have anything going it’s way. it’s crammed with unrelated scenes and songs which disturb the flow of the film.

Swecha Telugu Full Movie

The heroine’s characterization lacks proper depth within the film and appears a touch over the highest in many areas. The hero doesn’t have much to try to do within the film and is restricted to a couple of scenes. More scenes about his romance with Mangli would have made a world of difference.

Movie Songs

The concept of the film looks good but the director couldn’t elevate it properly on the screen. the assembly values of the film are almost okay. Vijay’s came work is sort of effective and showcases the film Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download in a gritty manner. The music by Bhole was okay but his BGM is loud. Editing is horrible within the half as many scenes could are chopped off.

On the entire, Swecha may be a film that features a good concept. The message showcased is sweet but the film has way too many unnecessary scenes and songs that keep sidetracking the film time and again. apart from Mangli’s sincere effort, this film is disappointed by some bad direction and dull performances by Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download the supporting cast. Ignore it this weekend.

Vijay (Sai Dharam Tej) struggles for fulfilment. Not just in his career, but also day-to-day events. he’s a talented engineer who features a proposal for a project which he believes will save many lives. Despite his best efforts, he gets nowhere. Amidst his rejections and therefore the taunting neighbours, he finds solace in Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download within the sort of his father’s encouragement and his girlfriend’s Lahari’s (Kalyani Priyadarshan) love.

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However, he does mislead Lahari about his alcoholism which she absolutely despises. Swecha, Lahari’s cynical friend, advises her to rethink her relationship if it’s supported lies. Swecha also happens to be a neighbourhood of the corporation to which Vijay pitches his project, and therefore the one who likes his concept. Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download The story which starts with Vijay being questioned in court unravels to reveal how he ended up there, whether he finds success and if he reunites together with his lover.

Chitralahari has many interesting points to place fourth. it’s an honest story with no frills. And that’s what wins. However, it falls a touch short on harvesting all the emotion and drama that the characters’ circumstances pack. It only causes you to be less invested in the characters’ struggles.

The effort instead was put in writing one-liners about life, love and genders meant for the audience to relate to, which to be honest weren’t necessary.

What was impressive to me was that, despite the misleading trailer, the film isn’t a triangular romance. the author doesn’t go down the straightforward route of adding a romantic angle with Nivetha simply because she’s the opposite female lead within the movie. the connection between Swecha and Vijay is strictly professional, platonic and significant to the plot.

Movie Star Cast

Kalyani played to her strengths with the indecisive, mild-mannered youngster. The same goes for Nivetha who convinces the audience that she is that the boss lady Swecha Telugu Full Movie Download you’d be scared off if faced with. Sai Dharam Tej is impressive during a role that isn’t exactly his temperature. It really seemed like he channelled something of his own into Vijay.

Swecha Telugu Movie

It would be delightful to ascertain he work ahead towards improvement, that there’s still scope. The music besides the introduction song (particularly the whistle tune) really doesn’t stick with you nor does it do much for the movie. beat all, the film falls just a tad bit in need of being a feel-good movie. Whether it had been the very fact that the emotions weren’t coming through or if it had been because there was an excessive amount of happening within the two-hour run time, is for you to make a decision. However, it isn’t a nasty watch. If you’ve got the time, go for it.

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