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Super Duper Full Movie Download

Super Duper Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Right in its title credits, which resemble the panels of a comic book, Super Duper makes its ambitions clear it wants to be one among those new-age films where ‘fun’ happens to be the drive.

The storytelling and even the filmmaking can take the backseat as long because the film can impress upon the audience that they’re having fun. Super Duper Full Movie Download This approach can work, provided the characters are written interestingly.

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Movie Review / Story

But within the case of Super Duper, this doesn’t happen. Its protagonist, Sathya (Dhruva) may be a petty criminal who, alongside his uncle (Shiva Shah Ra), mistakenly kidnaps Sherin (Indhuja). What the duo Super Duper Full Movie Download doesn’t realize is that this girl brings together with her away bigger threat, for she is needed by Michael (Adithya Shivpink). a strong but mysterious kingpin of a drug ring.

Super Duper Full Movie Download

Unfortunately, neither of those characters are compelling enough for us to worry about their misfortunes. The performances, too, aren’t forceful. Super Duper Full Movie Download Dhruva isn’t charismatic enough, Indhuja seems uncomfortable during a slightly glammed-up role, Adithya Shivpink lacks the presence to be taken seriously as an antagonist and Shah Ra, who gets to play two roles, isn’t funny.

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The plotting is additionally weak and predictable, especially if you’ve got seen a number of the black comedies that are made in Tamil cinema within the Super Duper Full Movie Download last four or five years. Even the twists lack punch. The film just coasts along from one scene to subsequent without really getting us involved.

Super Duper Full Movie

Director AK tries to form up for this visually, with help from his two cinematographers Thalapathy Rathnam and Sundar Ram Krishnan. Often, the shots become magazine panels that hack the narrative monotony. Super Duper Full Movie Download There also are a couple of flashy touches drone shots and dolly zooms (especially within the early portions).

Movie Songs

After a short time, there’s a zone of indifference that lazily made films push you to where you watch proceedings on-screen with mild interest, without much emotional involvement. Super-Duper had me arrested there in the zone for nearly its entire duration. To be fair to the film, Super Duper does have a story in situ. Super Duper Full Movie Download And it’s a reasonably interesting one also, a minimum of on paper. The film also has quite a few twists. However, the craft is so amateurish it seems like you’re watching an overstretched YouTube video.

The performances don’t help either. On one hand, you’ve got Dhruva who looks frozen all the time, and on the opposite, we’ve Shah Ra being Shah Ra. While he gets a couple of good moments, these aren’t remotely enough to save lots of the film. Indhuja looks good and features a central role also, but it isn’t like she has much to try to do. Super Duper is styled sort of a magazine, complete with dialogue bubbles and animations. But when the film uses such animations for extended and crucial sequences, it almost feels as if the director had to resort to animation to stitch up a movie from the live-action footage he had in hand.

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It isn’t almost the design though, the whole film seems like a cooked stew of pop culture. there’s a don named Vedha and a cop named Vikram. there’s a dialogue from Baahubali somewhere. Indhuja is mentioned because of the ‘Angel vesham potta Annabelle. Despite all its twists, the film feels annoyingly familiar. While I realize that such an entertainer doesn’t exactly believe in logic or authenticity, Super Duper’s humour isn’t all that funny either. Following the success of the movie, Indhuja was seen in Billa Paandi and therefore the web series Thiravam starring Prasanna.

Indhuja is now playing a key role within the upcoming Vijay starrer sports flick Bigil, directed by Atlee where she’ll play a footballer and her latest release Magamuni co-starring Arya has also got glowing reviews from critics and audience alike. Indhuja is going to be seen next within the movie Super Duper which has her paired with actor Dhruva who had earlier acted in Aanmai Thavarel because the lead and this movie is directed by Arun Karthik. the newest announcement is that Super Duper which was censored by U/A will release on September 20.

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