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Sundari Telugu Movie Download

Sundari Telugu Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Sundari additionally be is also a regressive film that makes its dated notions almost clear through its characters right off the bat. Associate in Nursing uncle shames a fille for sporting a quick. A male character says that a second-time wedding is nothing but lust. The male lead provides an honest kiss to the titular character as a result of the desire to create certain that he’s not dreaming about her presence. Since the kiss serves the aim of convincing him that he’s not dreaming, apparently he doesn’t have to be compelled to take her consent. The film also parades the problematic notion that someone is an orphan and thus it’s natural that he’ money-minded.

Prabhu (Arjun Ambati) falls head over heels crazy with Sundari (Poorna), a village belle. he’s an Associate in Nursing orphan and works for an IT company. Before you acknowledge, they marry when a ludicrously extraordinary rom-com segment. Sundari is very timid and seems paranoid among the city. once her husband loses his job and starts blaming her horoscope for his fate, Sundari is definite in an alarming life. Since the caption of the picture show is ‘The final call of an innocent lady’, we tend to expect a twist within the storey conjointly.

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Movie Review / Story

Writer-director Kalyanji Gogana makes Sundari, who is solely demure, seem as if a damosel in distress. The unstylish characterization is made all the additional unacceptable by the fact that the lads around her are systematically lecherous. Their creepiness is delineated among the laziest manner conceivable. The scenes smack of the 1990s-era movies that typically fringed on the soft porn. A feminine character is formed to say that the only account a high-strung newly-wed lady to shed her inhibitions is to travel for the first night ASAP. Is sex with the better half the sole because of chill out? In no time, the girl is made to say that her better half doesn’t get to watch skimpily clad models in ‘item’ songs currently that he’s married.

Sundari Telugu Movie

Arjun Ambati talks tons to himself to create certain that he comes from a TV background. the lads lusting Poorna’ character are given the luxury to titillate the audience than appear repulsive. Whenever Ritesh (Rakendu Mouli) creepily woos her, the background music is from his perspective’ as if the film is enjoying the fact that he’s harassing her. The collage shots capturing Sundari’ inner churn are imprecise and melodramatic. After some extent, her never-ending silence becomes unbearable. She undergoes torture sporting a revealing dress throughout a scene and one wonders what was the aim of the coarse scene among the primary place.

Sundari Movie Detail

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Movie: Sundari (2021)
Director: Kalyanji Gogana
Star cast: Arjun Ambati, Poorna
Producer: Rizwan
Streaming partner: Amazon Prime Video
Production company: Rizwan Entertainment
Language: Telugu
Date of publication: August 13, 2021
Category: Drama, Thriller
Duration: 1:52
Official Sites Amazon Prime Video
Quality: 720p, 1080p (estimated)

Strangely, the film has either vulgar men brandishing their physical attraction at the drop of a hat or insouciant ones who leave Sundari to her fate. there is no smart man within the film. It’ as if the whole of grouping was born to be unkind to Sundari. Suresh Bobbili’ music is wasted by a playscript that’ either ambivalent or outright silly or both. Bal Reddy’ motion-picture photography doesn’t have the house to navigate, considering that a lot of the film takes place indoors. Poorna, who is seen in virtually every scene, plays a monotonous character and her one-note performance is inadequate.

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gifted Malayalam role player Poorna’s female-centric film, Sundari, conjointly leading Arjun Ambati as a result of the most lead, has his the silver screens today. Kalyanji Gogana is the director, whereas Rizwan has made the picture shown below the Rizwan diversion banner. examine this review to hunt out what proportion the has managed to impress the audience.

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Sundari (Poorna) is an Associate in Nursing innocent village girls. a teen named Prabhu (Arjun) involves Sundari’s village to attend a wedding. He falls crazy with Sundari ab initio sight. He convinces Sundari’s folks and brings her to the city . the kind of troubles Sundari faces among the city, issues} Prabhu faces once he loses his job and thus the efforts Sundari makes to urge out of those problems and eventually, the twist Sundari’s life takes within the top kind the foremost crux of the story. Sundari begins with a special construct and progresses well with family emotions, romantic scenes, and emotional drama till the surprising climax twist. As usual, Poorna performed quite well in the role of Sundari. Her acting as Associate in Nursing innocent woman additionally is also a giant and for the film. within the climax particularly, Poorna’s performance can leave everybody impressed.

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Also, the chemistry between Poorna and Prabhu and thus the varied shades in Poorna’s character are quite good. Arjun, who vie, Prabhu, also did complete justice to his role. Even the rest of the solid did justice to their roles. the sleek pacing and therefore the dearth of lag anyplace within the movie, especially within the half, is also a large relief. though the twist among the climax is a style impressive, some sloppy scenes within the centre spoil the expertise to Associate in Nursing extent. Also, sure scenes ought to be planned even better. Had the foremost motive behind the Sundari and Swamiji’s track been effective, the most conflict within the film would are elevated strongly.

Emotions and variations within the scenes wherever Sundari involves understanding the truth within the second half should be sustained well. In some portions, the narrative seems too medium as logic goes missing. If Sundari’s characterization had more depth, the revenge drama would be effective.

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Sundari Telugu Movie Download

Director: Kalyanji Gogana

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