Solapur Gangwar Full Marathi Movie Download

Solapur Gangwar

Solapur Gangwar Full Marathi Movie

Solapur Gangwar Full Marathi Movie Download Based on real events, the film revolves around gangwar in Solapur. Trying to become the don of the town , Rakya gets into a vicious circle of gangwar where destroying his enemies is that the only thanks to survive.

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Many films are made on the topic of gang war in Bollywood and Marathi and Solapur Gangwar is nothing different. The movie opens with a narrative of how how Anna (Rajendra Jadhav), a mill worker, becomes the don of the town .

Solapur Gangwar Full Marathi Movie

Then, while Anna is preparing for elections, Rakya (Pramod Sarawade) a standard man start emerging as a Bhai. Soon, his friends join him and he starts establishing himself as a don.

Solapur Gangwar Full Movie Review

Inevitably, he gets into fight with Chandya (Maruti Katkar), the younger brother of Anna, and before too long, the gang wars begin. Who beats whom during a struggle for control over the town , forms the rest of the film.

With a Solapuri dialect, Pramod Sarawade gives his best, but fails to go away a mark on the audience. Rajendra Jadhav and Vikrant Shinde too, deliver good performances, though Vikrant appears to be trying too hard towards the top of the film.

Solapur Gangwar Full Marathi

Between all the action, the film also features the sub plot of Rakya’s romance with Rohini (Pranali Bhalerao). Known for her role within the film Takatak, Pranali has very less screen time, but her acting still stands out.

Save for the competent cinematography and editing, there’s little or no in terms of story that Solapur Gangwar has got to offer. Watch this one just for the action.

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