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Shikari Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p

Shikari Marathi Movie Download

Shikari Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Ever since the teaser poster of this film came out, Shikari has been generating buzz, primarily thanks to its bold visuals and dialogues. The film makes a press release about the casting couch within the movie industry and the way young, aspiring actresses who want to come to Mumbai are trapped by sexual predators from the industry.

It’s a real concept on paper, but on screen, there are glaring issues with Shikari. Let’s get to the story first. Raghu (Joshi) works as an assistant to a producer named Ajwani (Ganeshpure) but back home, his uncle (Kadam) boasts of him being an enormous Bollywood star.

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Movie Review / Story

When he involves the village for vacation, Raghu’s uncle arranges for him to urge Shikari Marathi Movie Download married to Phulwa (Deshpande). However, after their marriage, Phulwa’s childish behaviour and inability to know the consummation of the wedding stand as hurdles in Raghu and her relation.

Shikari Marathi Movie Download

uninterested in her behaviour, Raghu decides to travel back to Mumbai and convinces Savita (Khan) a wannabe actress, to travel with him. Savita agrees with the hope that her dream of becoming an actress will Shikari Marathi Movie Download come true but little does she know that people are waiting to take advantage of her.

Shikari’s biggest problem is that it contradicts what it aims to be by presenting the actress as an object of se*ual fantasy. Agreed that the director makes it clear that Savita is innocent and gullible but how Shikari Marathi Movie Download does showing her gyrating and travelling within the skimpiest of garments justify its represent young actresses within the industry. The film also tries to caution women by saying that nearly all men are ‘shikaris’ who never miss jumping at a chance of getting a sexual encounter with a lady. But the film has ample scenes which just about make this appear as if a traditional thing.

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Shikari Marathi Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

The film isn’t a complete waste though. There are certain mature scenes and people that cause you to angry at the way men perceive women. Additionally, the actors keep the tempo going. The supporting cast, including Vaibhav Mangle and Kashmera Shah too, is crammed with known faces and that they do their jobs sincerely.

Shikari Marathi Movie

actress to become that a lot of my dream of the falling victim who gets the casting couch within the bosom of the news we hear a day. The people of the village are fascinated by this film. Therefore, the women there fall prey to the lure of taking you to Mumbai and making Shikari Marathi Movie Download you an actress. Sometimes these girls are so hooked on their dream of becoming an actress that they do not even realize that they’re being abused. Telling you that I will be able to cause you to be a top heroine, this film shows the atrocities committed on naive girls.

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Movie Songs

Savita features a huge desire to figure in the film. Her husband Bharat (Prasad Oak) is additionally a playwright. that’s why these two are known. Realizing that you simply won’t achieve this field, he moves far away from this field. albeit Savita is married, she isn’t happy within the world. it’s always in her head that I will be able to become an actress someday. Raghu (Suvrat Joshi) involves his village from Mumbai. When he involves the village, his mama (Bhau Kadam) decides to marry him with flowers (Mrinmayi Deshpande).

Phulwa may be a very alluring girl. She also has no idea about the connection between husband and wife. therefore the two of them start fighting. Shikari Marathi Movie Download Meanwhile, Raghu looks at Savita. From the start, he features a bad eye for women. He traps Savita. Savita also accompanies him to Mumbai to become an actress. What happened to Savita when she came to Mumbai. Does she get out of all this trap of these questions are going to be answered only after watching this movie.

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Watch Trailer Here

The casting couch may be a hot topic in Shikari, so it’s definitely different from other Marathi films. The story of the film is sweet but the ending isn’t so good. Now in fact the curiosity is stretched about what the top of the film is going to be. But the top is disappointing.

The ending of the film could be even as impressive as watching the film. The film stars Mrinmayi Deshpande, Neha Khan, Prasad Oak Shikari Marathi Movie Download and Suvrat Joshi in excellent roles. Compared to him, the roles of Vaibhav Mangle, Bhau Kadam, Kashmira Shah, Bharat Ganeshpure, Siddharth Jadhav are smaller. But still, these actors have done their roles justice.

Movie Cast

Neha Khan, Kashmira Shah is wearing very tight clothes during this film. If Neha had worn tight clothes after coming to the town, it might not be a surprise. But the question arises on whether it had been really necessary to point out them in tight clothes while living within the village. It doesn’t matter if the film features a bold scene as per the stress of the story. Shikari Marathi Movie Download But this movie seems to possess a bold scene. within the heart of the town, this song is even bolder than the song Bhige Oth Tere in Murder.

Shikari Movie

Savita, an aspiring actress from a little village near Kolhapur, dreams of creating it big within the showbiz industry. Her pursuit leads her to marry Bharat, an area director. However, her marriage turns sour and she or he yearns to be within the limelight more. Her struggles increase when she meets, Raghu, who is hooked on her beauty, who takes her to Mumbai and promises fame. Whilst in Mumbai, Savita finds herself pushed deep during a web of deceit.

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