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Shaheed Bhai Kotwal

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Shaheed Bhai Kotwal Full Movie Download HD The story of social reformer and revolutionary Veer Bhai Kotwal, this film traces his journey of fighting and laying down his life for the country.

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Vitthal Kotwal, aka Bhai Kotwal, was one among the various people that fought for India’s freedom. This movie tries to explore the lifetime of the one that gave the country his all since a young age.

Shaheed Bhai Kotwal Full Movie

The movie opens with a bhajan by Laxman Bhagat (Arun Nalawade) who is blessed a son. A believer in Lord Vitthal, Laxman names his son after the deity. At young age, Vitthal (Ashutosh Patki) witnesses British rule and the way British are troubling Indians. He decides to fight against the injustice. He completes his education from Pune and also leanrs about the liberty struggle and therefore the leaders participating in it. In two minds- whether to settle on the trail of Gandhiji or Bhagat Singh, Vitthal takes time to make a decision between the 2 .

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However, one this is often fixed in his mind that he want’s to try to to something for the betterment of his country. Bhagat Singh, Sukhadev and Rajguru get death sentence and this disturbs Vitthal, who plans to hitch the movement movement.

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He fights for the people, especially peasants, and soon, along side Hari Narayan, Gomaji Patil, Bhagat Master et al. who follow Subhash Chandra Bose, Vitthal aka Bhai, forms the Azad Dasta. They hatch an idea to chop of the armament supply of British and therefore the group becomes a thorn within the Britishers’ way. What happens next.

Being a biopic, the film focuses entirely on Bhai Kotwal but isn’t an exaggeration. It also gives due credit to other freedom fighters who shaped anc contributed to India’s freedom struggle. The narration helps viewers understand the happenings of that point . Eknath Desale and Parag Sawant are sincere in their directorial efforts. The film delves into various aspects of the person on who its based and the way his decisions took shape.

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In the acting department, Ashutosh does justice to the character. The supporting cast is robust , with Kamlesh Sawant standing out. The cinematography and background score are good and increase the appeal of the movie. If you’re willing to understand more about this unsung hero, Shaheed Bhai Kotwal can end up to be an honest watch.

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