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Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download

Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla The lifetime of a retired military officer, his wife, and friends goes for a toss when henchmen of an area builder, who has an eye fixed on their property, threaten their well being. At a time once we regularly encounter incidents like these, the security of senior citizens has become an explanation for concern. Director Ajay Phansekar taps into this subject with the oldster.

The film is about the Deshpande couple retired military officer Abhay Deshpande (Mohan Joshi) and his wife Lakshmi (Smita Jaykar) and their group of friends. As a retired army man, Abhay follows his routine strictly and still has the strength to form an individual but half his age feels ashamed.

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While these senior citizens live a peaceful life, an event wreaks havoc in their lives. A builder who wants to forcefully take possession of their property and Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download may attend any limits to urge that done. Whether he succeeds or not, and the way the Deshpande’s affect things are some things you’ll need to watch the film for.

Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download

Along with this, the film also features a subplot involving the wreckless lifestyle of today’s youth and the way they’re heading towards doom, because of themselves. While the subject has relevancy and has potential, Phansekar fails to flesh it call at terms of a tangible story for the large screen. the 2 plots don’t add up and therefore the treatment is amateur, if not cliched, leading to lack of or no impact intrinsically. as compared, the director’s other films, namely Ratra Aarambh and Striker, have a way better execution. The addition of random song and dance sequences in the oldster only hamper its progress further.

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Performance-wise, Mohan Joshi stands out because the retired military officer and responsible citizen. But the way his character is written is problematic. As a policeman, Kamlesh Sawant is as impactful as is Vijay Patkar as a henchman of the builder. But their Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download performances aren’t enough to form the film worth watching. oldster’s total box office collection is 69 Lakhs in 6 days. On day 1 it grossed 8 lakhs and 11 lakhs on day 2. thanks to good mouth publicity it made whooping 17 lakhs on Sunday. In next three days thanks to working days it made 13, 11 and 9 lakhs respectively. The film got around 144+ screens with 326+ shows daily. oldster is directed by Ajay Phansekar with Mohan Joshi in the lead role.

Senior Citizen Marathi Movie

Senior Citizen is rated around 2/5 stars by Times of India and 73% by BookMyShow users (37). which suggests oldster is a mean movie. Yesterday, 4 Marathi films were released including ‘Berij Vajabaki’, ‘Jawani Zindabad’ and ‘Tuza Durava’. But unfortunately, their box office collection is pretty low. oldster film is about the drug menace among Mumbai youngsters and therefore the threat senior citizens face from such addicts. Film js produced by Madhuri Naganand and Vijaykumar Narang. Abhijit Narvekar has given music.

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Major box office zones include Nashik, Pune, and Mumbai. Nashik got a relatively low screen count. Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download Pune at 28 screens with 53 shows and Mumbai (All) at 48 screens with 185 shows. oldster box office collection is? 69 lakhs in 6 days. Stay tuned with Marathi Khabri for more updates.

In the recent past, we’ve seen newspaper reports and television news highlighting the attacks on senior citizens. a number of the attacks are either over property issues by close relatives or maybe by builders and developers threatening them to vacate a specific plot. many times such people are found murdered in their own houses. we’ve seen such harassment suffered by senior citizens through many Hindi and Marathi films within the past. In 2010 there was a Marathi film ‘Second Innings’ which showed how a gaggle of senior citizens fight with proper getting to take the revenge of the murder of their friend.

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The latest released Marathi film ‘Senior Citizen’ produced by Pramod Mohite and artistic producer Raju Savla and written directed by Ajay Phansekar present the Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download additional ordinary self-defence skills of 75-year-old retired Major General Abhay Deshpande (Played by Mohan Joshi), who has won many bravery awards including gallantry award. Popularly referred to as Tiger among his morning walk senior citizens group friends, the retired military officer lives together with his wife Lakshmi ( Smita Jaykar) during a bungalow. Still very active together with his paperwork, while running a security agency Mr. Deshpande keeps himself busy, while his wife trains young girls in dancing at their own bungalow.

One day With all his strength and methods he knocks down the attackers. His bravery act is noticed by a TV News reporter Sunita Rao ( Sheetal Kshirsagar) who makes him a hero and is keen to interview him soon. In the meanwhile, many such incidences happen in Mr. Deshpande’s life, including the murder of an old couple within the neighbourhood. This makes him Senior Citizen Marathi Movie Download feel helpless. But, his encouraging wife tries to instil his self-worth.

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Senior Citizen

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