Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download

Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download

Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Raju Garu (Prakash Raj) lives in Aatreyapuram together with his wife (Jaya Sudha) who pines for her kids. Their two sons and daughter Jhansi live abroad and barely ever come to go to. When his wife asks Rajugaru to ask the youngsters for Sankranthi, knowing they never make time, he tells them that they need to decide to urge a divorce to form them click.

And once they do, Jhansi’s daughter Nitya (Anupama) and Raju (Sharwanand), Rajugaru’s grandson who is that the village heartthrob falls crazy. Amidst the family drama their romance too blossoms.

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Movie Story / Review

Every tried and tested Tollywood trope that a Sankranthi family cinema has promised time and again is often found during this film. There isn’t much to the Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download story itself within the film the maximum amount as there are those philosophical lines about love, life and family.

Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download

The movie may be a story that will be told in 10 minutes but rides on a plethora of scenes that are meant to offer you the pandaga feel. You watch an enormous happy family coming together for the festival and spending quality time with one another, and it does warm your heart. But there’s no real conflict to the story. It’s just Prakash Raj final monologue that fixes everyone’s attitude. As for the romance, the sole conflict was Jhansi considering her daughter’s love for Raju just infatuation. And considering what we see, it could just be true.

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Raju is that the intelligent, obedient, and loving young boy who girls within the village slobber over. Nitya is that the Australian-born NRI maradalu who initially was reluctant to even visit India but over the short trip Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download falls crazy with Raju and decides to remain back forever in Aatreyapuram as his wife. Sure does sound like infatuation. But well, it only takes a second for Prakash Raj to vary Jhansi’s mind. He says, inthakante manchi alludu dorakadu, and a bit like that she’s convinced. If that doesn’t sum up the dramatic liberties that were taken within the film I don’t know what does.

Sathamanam Bhavati Movie

Technically, the cinematography is top-notch due credit must tend to the locations also. Prakash Raj nailed his role then did Indraja and Jaya Sudha. Sharwanand’s performance somehow felt disconnected and uninterested while Anupama’s prowess as an actress was wasted within the role. She just had to be the wide-eyed NRI mardalu who is happy just about everything that catches her eye. She did look ravishing though, albeit too young. Music is essentially the love-child of SVSC and A Aa. Mickey doesn’t seem to possess recovered from the hangover.

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Movie Songs

How often have we heard our parents complain about how we don’t spend enough time with them. Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download Or that we don’t visit them and prioritize our work-life over spending time with the family. Normally we brush it aside as something every parent says. But Satish Vegesna’s Shatamanam Bhavati shows us the story from the parents’ viewpoint, delves deeper into the anguish and sadness that they feel at being neglected by their kids, and sends a robust message to people that absorb themselves with social media and other sorts of technology and forget the straightforward values in life. In a nutshell, Shatamanam Bhavati may be a simple film about family values, told with slightly of melodrama and a few neat narrations.

The film may be a bout during a village called Atreyapuram where Raghava Raju (Prakash Raj) is a well-respected person whose counsel villagers seek once they face any problem. He stays together with his wife Janakamma (Jayasudha), while their children stay overseas. Before the Sankranthi festival, Janakamma wishes for the whole family to be together again and requests her husband to call their kids home. Knowing that his children might make excuses if he calls them, Raghava Raju devises an ingenious decision to bring all of them under an equivalent roof. However, there are quite a few problems within the family Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download and therefore the wounds grow deeper as all of them close. What happens when Janakamma finds out about her husband’s plan, and the way their village-bred grandson Raju (Sharwanand) can bring the entire family together, makes for the remainder of the film.

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There is a way of predictability to the story that keeps nagging at you. Like most family stories, there’s a touch of trouble between relations, a young man who tries to stay all of them together, and a strict grandfather who is both feared and revered. The romance tends to tug on for extended than it should. the main target often deviates from the romance between Raju and Nithya (Anupama Parameswaran). The romance is predictably boring as we see an equivalent old ‘baava-mardalu’ equation blossom into a romance.

Visually though, Shatamanam Bhavati may be a treat to observe. The grand celebration of the Sankranthi festival is beautifully shown within the movie, and therefore the screen is usually crammed with vibrant colours and laughter. There’s also a conscious plan to send a message across to the digital generation on the way to respect family values. Farming isn’t employment, it’s how of life, Prakash Raj tells his little grandson, who questions how little money they create. There’s also an instance where Sharwanand shuts off cable connection and mobile networks within the whole village, in order that the family spends time with one another, instead Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download of with their gadgets.

While Raghavaraju has learned to life in this manner with the support of his grand-nephew Raju (Sharwanand) and nephew Bangarraju (Naresh Sr), Janakamma is consistently living within the remembrance of her children who stay abroad and haven’t click for long. This results in trouble in their relationship and unbeknownst to Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download his wife, he shoots a mail to all or any his children that he’s divorcing her, forcing them to finally click.

Very like Baghban and Mithunam, this film explores the woes of oldsters who await that one festival to ascertain their kids and celebrate with them the brief moments. Well, the intention of the film is gorgeous to bring back to light how the fast-paced world has degraded family values and social togetherness but the execution goes wrong, and that we are instead treated to a series of harrowing monologues, appreciable standalone moments, and tons of rehashed songs.

Movie Star Cast

Director Satish takes viewers down the memory lane as he gives us glimpses from Seetharamayya Gari Manavaralu through Anupama’s NRI character, A Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download Aa as Sharwanand reminds us considerably of Nithiin village boy avatar, Govindudu Andarivadele with the NRI attitude of not eager to click, Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu where Prakash Raj’s character does the work of holding everyone together by means of occasional.

Almost every other scene gives you a way of reminder as you easily keep predicting what could happen next. The film possesses every tried and tested Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download formula characteristic of a typical village drama bava maradalu romance, NRIs who get excited about every little tradition from drawing muggulu to wearing a langa voni, extravagant celebrations, values, etc. This film’s surely getting to strike a chord with Indians overseas.

The wafer-thin plot and lag of narration notwithstanding, this film isn’t much about the story and is more about the message Yo, NRIs, click occasionally, meet your parents, and yes, don’t forget the values. Prakash Raj isn’t given much to try to do, but in the brief moments he’s in action, you can take your eyes off him. Jayasudha lives up to her title of Sahaja Nati and is delightful. Anupama and Sharwanand seem quite detached as their characters don give them enough scope to travel beyond. Sathamanam Bhavati Full Movie Download the remainder of the cast adds to the mood they have to make.

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