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Salaga Full Movie Download

Salaga Full Movie Download Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Salaga, one of the foremost horrific criminals, is on the prowl and begins his hunt by killing Suri at the start of the film. No, before he thinks he’s invincible, there comes ACP Samrat to prevent him. What happens next?

Salaga is the directorial debut of Duniya Vijay, who has attributable himself as Vijaya Kumar during this film. The film producer has maintained however he’s tried to narrate a story of the facet of Bengaluru that not several are aware of like he was. will he manage to emerge victorious as a storyteller? He does.

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Movie Review / Story

The story begins from the ports of Mangaluru, wherever a peek into the importation of arms into Bengaluru is shown. What begins thenceforth may be a fast narrative of Salaga, a disreputable criminal, on the prowl to kill a nexus of criminals that involves individuals from completely different backgrounds. Salaga looks unmerciful and unstoppable, that is bare till ACP Samrat steps in to place a halt to those killings. What begins thereafter is an overstrung tale.

The story is very little over 2 hours long and also the scenes are fast and not loud, in contrast to most underworld films. While the dialogues by Maasthi positively are a highlight, they’re not over the top, which is nice. The scenes move quickly and also the action scenes are gory, however, the background score is subdued, which adds an artefact effect. Charan Raj’s background score is atypical to films from the genre, one thing he has verified with Tagaru and Popcorn Monkey Tiger too.

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The written material and filming are slick too and Vijay shows a decent hold on his craft and the technical team in his maiden outing. whereas the complete story is subdued, there’s a definite flashback episode that sort of stands proud in terms of melodrama. perhaps it may be handled in a completely different way, instead of taking part in bent the plenty within the surest way.

That said, the film has some smart performances from everybody in the cast. Duniya Vijay leads the pack, matched equally by Dhananjaya in a suave new avatar. Sanjana Anand holds fort in her role because of the lover of a criminal. The surprise package is roach Sudhi, whose role as Savithri is entertaining and deserves 2 thumbs up.

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Salaga won’t be everyone’s cup of tea or ought to we are saying bloody Mary. The film is high on gore and violence, which justifies the A certificate. except for those that love their films with rowdyism, this may not disappoint. and also the message that Vijay shares within the finish are commendable.

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