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Sab Kushal Mangal

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Sab Kushal Mangal Full Movie Download 720p On Tamilrockers an area politician and goon Baba Bhandari (Akshaye Khanna) is within the business of forced marriages of grooms. He abducts a young TV journalist for one such association, but finishes up falling crazy with an equivalent girl. But will the bride to be reciprocate.

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Welcome to Karnalganj a town where a small-time politician rules big and makes a living out of fixing marriages forcefully. ‘Sab Kushal Mangal’ tries to serve comedy during this problematic plot, but it isn’t funny.

The film opens with Akshaye Khanna dramatic entry sporting a handle-bar moustache and long locks, looking anything but intimidating. The actor who is otherwise impressive together with his acting chops tries hard to form his character add this humdrum script. He fails to impress here.

Sab Kushal Mangal Full Movie Download

Newcomers Priyaank Sharma and Riva Kishan are confident but there’s barely any chemistry between the 2 . Priyaank shows some promise together with his brooding looks but lacks the gusto required for the role of the firebrand journalist Pappu Mishra, who exposes wrongdoings on his show Musibat Odh Li Maine. Riva Kishan fares far better as Mandira, who speaks her mind, but sadly, her character has no agency when it involves making important life decisions like marriage.

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Talented actors like Satish Kaushik, Supriya Pathak Kapur and Rakesh Bedi could are utilised to their full potential. While the primary half is erratic, the last half has some conflict, albeit predictable. a number of the scenes involving Akshaye Khanna and his cronies evoke laughter and therefore the overall tone of the film remains light.

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The music is average and therefore the songs are well shot, but most of them are untimely placed. This further makes the already long runtime of the film appear to be a haul . The background score is just too loud and jarring. The film’s narrative makes half-hearted attempts at underlining social ills like forced marriages and dowry, but never really takes a solid stand.

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What works against the film isn’t its story but the execution that suffers from weak writing and missed opportunities for an impactful social satire.

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Sab Kushal Mangal

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