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Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download

Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Sakshi (Anushka Shetty) and her fiancé Anthony (R Madhavan) head on a soothing vacation to celebrate their engagement. But Sakshi wants to form a pit-stop at a haunted house on the thanks to devouring a coveted painting. What happens when after certain twisted incidents she finds herself embroiled during police work.

Hemant Madhukar’s multi-starrer that boasts Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download of names like Anushka Shetty, Shalini Pandey, R Madhavan, Anjali, and even Hollywood star Michael Madsen aims to be a whodunit that will put you on the sting. crammed with slow flashbacks that peel off the layers one by one, possessive friends that always think the worst of others, scheming policemen being their own cliché selves, and an entire lot of twists and turns, it almost looks like Nishabdham tries to require on an excessive amount of direct and succeeds only in parts.

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Movie Review / Story

Sakshi (Anushka Shetty) may be a mute-and-deaf artist engaged to a celebrated cello player Anthony (R Madhavan). Her ally Sonali (Shalini Pandey), who’s her whole world, has been missing ever since she Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download got engaged, leaving her with only her fiancé and another friend Vivek (Subbaraju) for company. Her seemingly simple life takes a turn for the more severe and she or he finds herself under the scanner of Seattle PD cops Richard (Michael Madsen) and Maha Lakshmi (Anjali). What follows may be a tale that starts off as something narrated from Maha’s point of view but finishes up in one piping hot mess with few redeeming bits.

Puliraja Ips Telugu Movie Download

When it involves thrillers, it’s as long as twists are a neighborhood and parcel of it, but they shouldn’t cause you to wonder why you set up with such a lot to urge to the redeeming bits. Right from the get-go, despite the manufacturers trying hard, Sakshi never comes across because of the damsel-in-distress she’s meant to be. Anushka may be a terrific actor, but seeing as how she’s a ‘mute victim’ or a ‘mute witness’ as Richard puts it in one scene, she really has nothing much to try to do as everyone else seems to stay narrating for her.

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Maha is supposed to be an ‘intelligent’ cop and her voice-over not only over-hypes the story that’s to follow, it even over-explains the only of narrative plot Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download points that are discernible to any viewer. Srinivasa Avasarala makes a forgettable appearance and Subbaraju serves his purpose tolerably. Shalini Pandey dangerously toes the road between seeing as a rude, petulant child and a sociopath who’s eerily hooked into her friend, but she somehow manages to tug it off.

Puliraja Ips Telugu Movie

Surprisingly, it’s Madavan and his character that steals the show during this one, despite the subpar dubbing. it might be unfair to reveal very much like his arch is what ties the entire film together, literally, but the actor achieves his role well. It almost causes you to wonder what the film could’ve been had his character been full-clad even more. Because the way it now seems a tad like a famous character from an early 2000s film. Michael Madsen, who features a rich filmography of films like Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood handles the sudden creative whiplashes thrown at his character well, pulling it off convincingly. But his dubbing seems to tug down his character also, and therefore the way the story progresses causes you to wonder if he was wasted during a role that’s too. easy for him.

The downfall of Nishabdham lies not within the characters Hemant envisioned, but the screenplay and dialogues by Kona Venkat. a bit like Shaneil Deo’s camerawork, had the film been a touch more minimalistic in its treatment without indulging, it could’ve been something else.

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Movie Songs

Nishabdham on the entire promises to be a treat, not just to Anushka’s fans but to movie buffs who Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download love thrillers too. Sadly, it doesn’t always live up thereto promise because all it finishes up being maybe a stylish film with no depth. Give this one an opportunity this weekend for Anushka and Madhavan, if not for nothing else.

Two youngsters run far away from their village on an equivalent day to avoid getting married. While both their reasons are different, the whole village assumes that they need to elope together.

Films on mistaken identities aren’t new in Telugu cinema. In fact, we have seen quite a few directors narrate stories about protagonists hiding their real identities from those they love thanks to the fear of losing them. Director Vijay Kumar Konda’s Orey Bujjiga is predicated on a similarly predictable premise. In fact, the director largely sticks to an equivalent formulaic concept of his earlier film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, except seven years later, this seems way off the mark.

Bujji(Raj Tarun) may be a young engineering graduate who runs far away from his village to avoid a wedding he is not curious about. Parallelly Krishna Veni(Malvika Nair) also runs away on an equivalent day from an equivalent village for an equivalent reason. Given the coincidence, the whole village assumes that they’ve eloped together and begins their hunt to bring them back home.

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Interestingly, Bujji and Krishnaveni never meet despite growing up within the same village for 20 years. Destiny brings them together in Hyderabad where they meet during a chance encounter. Pandemonium ensues when his villagers clamour for the couple’s return but Srinu keeps his identity as Bujji hidden from Krishnaveni as he realizes he begins to fall crazy together with her. But how long can he hide his identity and can he lose her forever if she finds out?

The screenplay is weak and therefore the dialogues fail to form an impression. In fact, the most important letdown during this film is its lazy writing. It looks like Konda just rehashed a couple of of his earlier films Puliraja IPS Telugu Movie Download to form Orey Bujjiga and therefore the half-heartedness of it involves the fore. Bujji’s attempts at covering up things to save lots of his real identity comes across as farcical and are utterly unconvincing. For a movie with tons of comedy tracks, there’s little or no humour in Orey Bujjiga.

Malvika gets tons of screen time and is sweet in parts but doesn’t quite make an impression within the emotional scenes, while Hebbah Patel makes a special appearance as Raj Tarun’s gold-digger college girlfriend. Senior actors like Posani Murali Krishna and Naresh lend gravitas to the present film.

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