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Pension Movie

Pension Marathi Movie Download

Pension Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p When it involves providing for one’s family, an individual can attend extremes that they never thought they might. Pension is that the story of 1 such woman, Vimal (Sonali Kulkarni). While Vimal earns doing odds jobs like stitching, grinding, and helping at the sarkar’s home, the family of three is essentially hooked into the pension that the wife gets thanks to her late husband’s job within the forces. But together with her health deteriorating with every passing day, the longer term seems bleak because the pension will come only till the time she lives.

the remainder of the film explores the daily lives of Vimal and Balu and therefore the general atmosphere of the village. We are introduced to varied characters, Vimal’s helpful neighbours, the generous sarkar, an obnoxious Baban mama, Balu’s friends, and more. But besides adding more people to the frame, most of those characters do nothing more.

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Movie Review / Story

The trailer hints towards that incontrovertible fact that Vimal’s mother-in-law may breathe her last at any time thanks to her condition. Balu, who is prepared to travel to the high school, needs money for paying the fees, while Vimal needs it to run the house. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ during this equation forms the latter a part of this film.

Pension Marathi Movie Download

Director Pundalik YL Dhumal’s film is predicated on a soul-stirring premise. The story has its heart within the right place too. However, the ultimate product lacks finesse. lifestyle within the village, petty quarrels, peculiar people an excessive amount of time is spent exploring everything else than the crux of the matter. This hampers the flow and doesn’t hold the viewer’s attention for long.

Performances are part of Pension. Pension Marathi Movie Download But it’s Sonali Kulkarni that steals the show together with her flawless portrayal of Vimal. Nothing about her onscreen demeanour is forced. She gets under the skin of the character, brings in finer nuances to the role, and delivers a strong performance. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to form Pension stand out as a movie.

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Pension Marathi Movie

The film may interest drama aficionados. For others, if you’re willing to ignore the issues, this might Pension Marathi Movie Download end up to be a mean watch. The film may be a family drama about Balu’s struggle to survive with insufficient funds for treating his ill grandmother. The cast of Pension features Sonali Kulkarni, Sumit Gutte, Nilambari Khamkar, Narayan Jadhav. The film directed by Pundalilik Y.L Dhumal is about to release on Eros Now streaming platform on February 24. Sonali Kulkarni shared the film’s trailer while writing, Something we did with much warmth and love.

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Sonali Kulkarni spoke to Loksatta about the film saying that Pension may be a touching story about life. She said that each scene is portrayed thoughtfully and sensitively within the film because it deals with a crucial issue. Pension Marathi Movie Download She added that the film is an emotional story that conveys to the audience, the worth of simplicity and innocence. The film depicts the plight of an old woman who is cursed with the rising cost of teaching her children, handling problems within the household also as caring for the elderly reception.

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Pension Movie

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