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Paisa Vasool

Paisa Vasool Full Movie Download

Paisa Vasool Full Movie Download HD 720p 1080p The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Puri Jagannadh and this movie just indulges Balayya’s got to get on the silver screen. Also, this movie probably managed to ruin Marley. It’s regressive, there’s senseless violence and to top it all, one also has got to sit through Balakrishna dancing.

Well, can it get any worse Well, Theda Singh (Balayya) and therefore the antagonist Marley aren’t one’s idea of an honest movie. and may someone please stop the usage of ‘Item’ to ask a lady.

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Movie Review

There is Balakrishna, of course. it’s unclear if Ballaya knows he’s the comedian during this action film. Kyra Dutt and Shriya Saran are playing the leading ladies. Less is more when it involves remarking the various flaws of this star cast.

Paisa Vasool Full Movie Download

Well, regressive would be an irony. Women look pretty only they wash clothes and do housework is simply one among the various dialogues during this mess of a plot. Theda isn’t an honest man. He knows it and takes advantage of his skills, which incorporates the 360-degree vision and therefore the power to face up to blows.

Movie Story

Well, certain movies ought to never see the sunshine of day. this is often one such film. The screenplay does go hand in hand with the direction, but when the story doesn’t even meet the rock bottom standard of decency, then there’s nothing that one can do. Is there?

Well, the cinematography was what one can consider befitting of the movie. If a person could sustain a bullet to his heart and sit there smoking a cigarette and delivering punch dialogues, let’s make it as attractive as possible, albeit the scene lacks logic or taste.

Music is commercial, comic and sometimes catchy enough. Lyrics, not such a lot.

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The director manages to interact with viewers throughout the length of the film, but the last half is somewhat slow, says the audience. Balakrishna has given an active performance, which is that the highlight of Paisa Vasool. He wows together with his trademark humour and over the top action and car stunts. Shriya Saran doesn’t have much scope for acting, but her glamour and chemistry with Balayya impresses her.

Such was the review of Paisa Vasool by the critics. have you ever watched the film. Will you watch it after reading what critics need to say.

The trailer offered a truckload of punch dialogues which, I thought, could tickle the funny bones of patients near death. Lines like, I have made people that drank water in Bihar, pee in Tihar, and, If my anger is unquenched, I’ll awaken the body and kill it again, are catchy. I even have always believed in laughter therapy. But the movie, in its entirety, left me with a terrible headache. Who’s the patient now?

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Puri made the thought of a cop working as a thug a rage in Pokiri. Since then, he’s made quite a dozen films that range between okay enough to poor sheesh. Paisa Vasool, with all its thunderous dialogues and silly moments, moves to the rock bottom category.

Theda Singh is that the kind of hero who doesn’t force an entry a sweat when 15-20 men point guns at him. He, however, cowers when questioned by a lady. the rationale isn’t that he goes weak within the knees in her presence. He tells us that only his fans, or relations, can hurt him. Who was that speaking? Theda Singh, or Balakrishna I’m unsure.

The horror of horrors is watching Balakrishna woo ladies with visual communication and dialogues that shout harassment. I don’t skills women in Puri’s films consider that to be cute! Masala entertainers with a top male star will, at least, have two ladies within the lead. In Paisa Vasool, the count is three.

Balakrishna makes an entry with an item song and introduces his character, Theda Singh, to the audience and therefore the show stealer of the song, Kyra Dutt. Kyra is stunned by Theda’s introductory speech. a couple of minutes later, she shocks Theda and therefore the audience by saying she’s a policeman. Now, Theda is disappointed that Kyra isn’t an item.

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Paisa Vasool

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