Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p

Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download

Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers The film has Sachit Patil, Spruha Joshi, Milind Shinde, Aashish Newalkar, Pushkar Shrotri, and Deepali Sayyad within the lead and supporting roles. The story, screenplay, and dialogues come from Sachin Darekar. While the music comes from Soham Ajay Pathak and therefore the lyrics are jotted down by Shreerang Godbole, Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download Shiv Kumar Dhale, and Soham Pathak. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to urge the gist of the film.

The film Paisa Paisa may be a drama movie, which revolves around money, which is considered the basis of all or any sort of evil. Having Sachit Patil within the lead, Paisa Paisa has all the weather, which one can expect from including love, friendship, and relationships. However, digging deep into the film, one can find another Marathi movie being made during a south Indian style.

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Movie Story / Review

The film revolves around a filmmaker based in Mumbai who is on his thanks to map out things together with his estranged wife. On the opposite side, you’ve got his ally being kidnapped for a mere 10,000 INR who has gone to Nagpur for an interview. Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download So, the whole movie revolves around the ten thousand, which is to tend as a ransom during a stipulated time.

Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download

The film may be a remake and has not much originality in terms of content and script, which should come without a flaw that is still unavoidable while making a movie with an ingenious idea. All you would like to try to do is to cast new faces, change the language and locations, and rewrite the dialogues because the basic idea of the film, script, and content remains equivalent. Moreover, you’ve got the chance to shape the remake film in a better way alleviating the issues incurred within the original film. Ironically Paisa Paisa has its own set of flaws, which could be easily avoided.

The idea of being kidnapped for a mere amount of ten thousand seems ridiculous especially once you have a filmmaker in a city like Mumbai failing to rearrange a meagre amount. However, this concept could have worked within the backdrop of a country especially once we find it based at very poverty struck slum the audience could have easily digested the script. Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download the very fact of the matter, the character of the filmmaker could have sold his chain or mobile to urge that quantity. Thus catch up on a movie with such a topic seems weird.

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Talking about the performances, Patil within the character of a filmmaker seems okay who has been trying relentlessly to urge the cash to save lots of his friends however, others seemed average over the silver screen. Soham Pathak could also be the director who was unable to squeeze out the hearth, which was required to be showcased over the screen with a bit of change within the movie and its central idea. The film has an equivalent screenplay being showcased a variety of times on the screen diluting the interest of the audience and thus giving them an excessive amount of toilet breaks. The music and other things seemed too trivial within the movie that did not lift it hard for the audience giving nothing at the top.

Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie

Paisa Paisa is actually one plot point movie with an equivalent screenplay being repeated countless times without having any development within the script. You hardly get to ascertain happening within the real-time within the movie or maybe get its feel also. with this the audience fails to attach overflow the narration of the movie, however, this is often just a little concern, but bigger flaws spread across different levels, the film has did not give to the audience. Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download Had this film been gripping, such concerns could have given the smallest amount of injury to the film. With many flaws within backed by mediocre star performances, the film has not much to offer to the audience hampering its rating to an excellent extent.

In the recent crop of South Indian remakes in Marathi, here comes another one. Retaining the title Paisa Paisa of the first Malayalam film, director Joji Raechal Job brings us a Marathi version. When any original film is being produced, there are often some hiccups while taking the film from script to screen. Something that looked decently crafted on paper should look weak when filmed there are often some miscalculations on the way leading to the ultimate product not being up to the mark.

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Movie Songs

But how can this happen during a remake, once you even have an entire film ahead of you, its problems glaring for anyone to ascertain? Changing the locations, and rewriting the dialogue during a different language isn’t getting to solve these issues. If they wanted to form a remake of this marginally amusing film for whatever reasons, the whole script should be reworked to work during a logical framework.

There are multiple things wrong here. The plot involves a Mumbai-based filmmaker (Patil) on his thanks to meet his estranged wife (Joshi) so as to map out their differences. Things change when he gets a call about the kidnapping of his ally attending an employment interview in Nagpur. Believe it or not, the kidnapper (Shinde) needs only Rs 10,000 in two hours, and therefore the entire film revolves around the filmmaker’s efforts to urge the cash within the stipulated time. one among the main attributes of any screenplay is that the progression.

A screenplay can’t stand still and keep repeating an equivalent thing over and over. Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download It must have an upward graph and things got to move either at the action level or at the thematic level, even while revolving around one central idea. Paisa Paisa features a single plot point repeated countless times with virtually no development.

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Once the filmmaker knows the necessity to urge the cash, the screenplay is simply a series of scenes depicting the hero meeting variety of potential candidates to borrow it and more often than not, getting disappointed. As relief, he alternately talks to his wife sitting during a restaurant for 2 hours, or the kidnapped friend.

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I like the thought of a true time hostage situation unfolding over two cities in two hours or thereabouts, but how dramatic can things be when there’s zero chance of the great guy ever facing the person, one being in Mumbai and therefore the other in Nagpur. increase that the ridiculous amount of Rs 10,000. One can understand the intention behind keeping the quantity small, and yet for an urban filmmaker, the quantity is ridiculous to believe his inability to rearrange. If the film was set in a country or very poverty struck slum, one could have imagined things differently.

In the present scenario, are we to believe that none of his friends can arrange the quantity, no questions asked. however, the hero could easily sell something during a life or death situation like this. Paisa Paisa Marathi Movie Download Not only does he not do that, he even refuses to inform anyone including his wife and therefore the police about the hostage situation. it’s almost as if he doesn’t want things to resolve. Paisa Paisa doesn’t have a feel of happening in real-time in spite of it being established within the narration, but that’s a minor concern and will be ignored if the film was otherwise gripping. It isn’t.

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