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Pagle Aazam Full Movie Download HD 720p Tamilrockers Talking about ‘Pagle Aazam’, when Aditya Pratap Singh was asked why the comedy film itself, he said, Today’s life has become very rushed, the laughter in human life is over. it’s become such people really attend watch movies just for entertainment. He said that our entire team has worked hard day and night to bring an honest and entertaining film ahead of you, hope that you simply will certainly get the love of the audience.

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The main cast of ‘Pagle Aazam’ are Aditya Pratap Singh, Mannat Procha, Tenali Rama television program fame heroine Sonia Sharma, famous comedians Lilliput Farooqui, Ravi Mann, Abhinay Sharma and Sahil Patel. The film is directed by Vikas P Kavadekar and APS Raghuvanshi. The film is produced under the banner of APS Entertainment. Please tell that Aditya Pratap Singh is originally from Satna, Chitrakoot Barundha Pindara royalty of Madhya Pradesh. Aditya’s upcoming film “Paglaazam Reloaded” as producer and actor goes on the ground very soon.

Pagle Aazam Full Movie Download

Pagle Aazam Full Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers

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Although many films are made in Bollywood per annum , but few films are such the audience gets tons of affection . during this sequence, the comedy film ‘Pagle Aazam’ released in theaters last week is extremely pleasing to the audience. Produced by new actors, Aditya Pratap Singh’s film Pagle Azam is seen getting good response from the audience. The film has been jointly released by PVR Cinemas and film distributor Shamshad Pathan. Released on around 200 PVR and single theater screens within the country, most the shows of this film are running houseful thus far .

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Appreciation from the critics getting the film In
a special conversation with Zee News, producer Aditya Pratap Singh said that the film was being liked by the audience also because the critics. It means tons to us. we might not have guessed what proportion support and support the audience would get, but I always believed in my content, diligence and my team, thanks to which such an honest result’s being achieved.

Pagle Aazam Movie


Now the second a part of the film are going to be
made, i will be able to always be thankful for this love of the audience. After the producer Aditya Pratap Singh film ‘Pagle Azam’, its second series ‘Pagle Azam Reloaded’ is coming to the audience very soon. The director of this film is Vikas P Kavadekar and APS Raghuvanshi. The film’s lead actors are Aditya Pratap Singh Sonia Sharma, Mannat Procha, Abhinay Sharma, Ravi Mann and Bollywood’s well-known comedian Lilliput Farooqui.

The comedy film ‘Pagle Azam’ goes to release in theaters on 31 January 2020. The film is produced by Aditya Pratap Singh of Satna, Madhya Pradesh, who belongs to the Pindara royalty of Baraundha. Aditya is additionally playing the lead role within the film. The special thing is that nobody from Aditya or his family had any reference to the film world, despite this, they wanted to urge into this line since childhood. ‘Pagle Azam’ is Aditya’s first film as an actor and producer. Pagle Aazam Full Movie Download

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PVR Cinemas and Shamshad Pathan will release the film across the country. Directed by Vikas P Kavathekar and APS Raghuvanshi, the film also will feature famous comedian comedian Lillipat Farooqui, television program ‘Tenalirama’ fame actress Sonia Sharma, Mandeep Kaur Mannat, Ravi Mann, Abhinay Sharma and Sahil Patel.

Aditya is believed to be inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Startup India Scream. So he laid the inspiration of his production house APS and produced ‘Pagle Azam’ because the first film. However, Aditya attributes this to God also as his parents Abhay Pratap Singh, Rekha Singh and wife Pramanikaya Singh. Pagle Aazam Full Movie Download.

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