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Orey Bujjiga Movie Download HD 1080

Orey Bujjiga Movie Download

Orey Bujjiga Movie Download HD 1080 Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Films on mistaken identities aren’t new in Telugu cinema. In fact, we have seen quite a few directors narrate stories about protagonists hiding their real identities from those they love thanks to the fear of losing them. Director Vijay Kumar Konda’s Orey Bujjiga is predicated on a similarly predictable premise. Cliched, stale, and unimaginative, it fails to strike a chord with viewers. In fact, the director largely sticks to an equivalent formulaic concept of his earlier film Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde, except seven years later, this seems way off the mark.

Bujji(Raj Tarun) may be a young engineering graduate who runs far away from his village to avoid a wedding he is not curious about. Destiny brings them together in Hyderabad where they meet during a chance encounter. Pandemonium ensues when his villagers clamor for the couple’s return but Srinu keeps his identity as Bujji hidden from Krishnaveni as he realizes he begins to fall crazy together with her. But how long can he hide his identity and can he lose her forever if she finds out?

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Movie Review / Story

The screenplay is weak and therefore the dialogues fail to form an impression. Bujji’s attempts at covering up things to save lots of his real identity comes across as farcical and are utterly unconvincing. For a movie with tons of comedy tracks, there’s little or no humour in Orey Bujjiga.

Orey Bujjiga Movie Download

Raj Tarun is earnest but is let down by a poorly written script. Malvika gets tons of screen time and is sweet in parts but doesn’t quite make an impression within the emotional scenes, while Hebbah Patel makes a special appearance as Raj Tarun’s gold-digger college girlfriend. Senior actors like Posani Murali Krishna and Naresh lend gravitas to the present film.

But with the audience being exposed to a far more diverse range of content, especially on OTT platforms, a script like this may struggle to seek out takers. Had COVID-19 not played spoilsport, it might are one among those films that never aimed high, but managed to offer its viewers a couple of laughs during a festive weekend. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously and hopes that the viewers too will concede to the light-hearted fun and overlook its pitfalls.

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Director Vijay Kumar Konda takes up a story that seems like a mixture of several situations, characters Orey Bujjiga Movie Download, and plot points of films within the mid-90s or early 2000s. Krishnaveni (Malvika Nair) takes an equivalent train to run far away from her impending wedding. Someone spots the 2 on the train platform and assumes that they’re a few on the run.

Orey Bujjiga Movie

The two, though, don’t know one another. They meet on the train, and she or he doesn’t reveal her true identity. Anyone who has watched mainstream entertainers would know that the 2 will inevitably fall crazy, after a spate of incidents that intentionally and unintentionally evoke laughter. The families are hostile. Posani Krishna Murali as Bujji’s father is at the receiving end of the wrath of Krishnaveni’s mother (Vani Vishwanath). Bujji has got to trace Krishnaveni and prove that he has nothing to try to do together with her deed from home, to save lots of his dad’s fortunes. And Krishnaveni has got to find Bujji to prove her side of the story.

The initial hour approximately is full of laugh-aloud moments. There’s nothing too striking, Orey Bujjiga Movie Download but it’s great either. Sid Sriram is additionally called in to feature his charming touch to the blossoming romance through the song ‘Ee May Peremito’ (composed by Anup Rubens). However, the later portions become a haul. The hospital scene involving Sapthagiri and Raj Tarun begins on a fun note but goes on and on until you are feeling like abandoning the remainder of the film.

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Movie Songs

Apart from a couple of comic segments that overstay their welcome, the shortage of depth to a number of the characters makes the film disappointing. On paper, Vani Vishwanath’s character may need to have seemed like a posh woman of power, but it doesn’t translate well on screen.

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Raj Tarun portrays an effervescent youngster as was common and Malvika gets ample Orey Bujjiga Movie Download scope to point out that she will even be good in fun parts. The portions that show her as a practical girl who knows to protect herself on social media deserve a mention.

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