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Oollalla Oollalla Movie Download

Oollalla Oollalla Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Pandu (Nataraj) is an aspiring director who studies engineering. Noorin (Noorin Shereef) is from an equivalent college and falls crazy with him for no reason. When Pandu gets lost in a forest and reaches a haunted mansion, how Trisha (Ankeeta Maharana) seduces him is what it’s all about.

It is really hard to categorize few Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download films and Oollalla Oollala is one such film that can cause you to question your whole existence and not in a great way. The film begins with a fantastic scene which sees a person hitting well-built goons trice his size just to form it clear that he’s the male lead. to form it all the more terrible, the feminine lead eggs him on to interrupt their bones from the sidelines as if it’s even remotely possible.

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And a bit like most horror movies alive, this one too involves a mansion haunted by a lady and a weird-looking human named Atiloka Sundari. When Pandu goes into the mansion and begins making out with Trisha, it seems like someone shot their intimate moments on a spy cam and released it for the planet to ascertain. The horribly written comedy track doesn’t help matters either.

Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download

And just in case you create past the interval in hope of things recuperating within the last half, Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download doesn’t. Cringe-worthy songs and filthy dialogues, followed by a nonsensical ending make one wonder why director Satya Prakash even bothered to form this film. It’s 2020 already and it’s heart-breaking to ascertain filmmakers still arising with such utter rubbish.

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The actors aren’t exactly superb either. It’s really hard to guess what emotion Nataraj is trying to emote and Noorin and Ankeeta just well the less said about them the higher. the opposite actors are all just weirdly dressed to get comedy, so it’s hard to specialize in their performances. While the manufacturers might argue the film is formed just for a particular section of the audience, we wonder who would want to take a seat through this. If any aspiring film directors are reading this, please don’t do that to yourself.

Oollalla Oollalla Movie

Pandu (Nataraj) is an aspiring director . On the opposite hand, Noori (Nooreen Sharif) falls crazy with Pandu and keeps pestering him to urge married. Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download But Pandu wants an upscale girl in his life in order that he can calm down in life. this is often the time when a personality named Trisha (Ankita) enters his life. She sees her husband in Pandu and goes behind him in a crazy manner. altogether this mess, Trisha’s husband comes back and creates a good bigger confusion. the remainder of the story is about how Pandu comes out of his problems and marries Noori.

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One of the most important assets of the film is Ankita’s skin show. The young heroine has gone bold and has crossed all boundaries and maybe a treat for the masses. Nataraj is decent in his role and does well for his first film. His bold scenes with Ankita are executed well within the movie.

Prabhakar, who did the role of a woman villain was quite impressive. His visual communication and dialogue suited the film’s subject well. Prudhvi Raj and App Rao did their bit within the film alongside the supporting cast. Some key emotions during a few scenes have begun well.

The screenplay goes for a toss as all the scenes look forced and convey an uneventful factor to the Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download audience. The last half of the film goes for a toss as there’s no direction within the proceedings because the motive within the film is left behind and silly scenes take center stage. Some emotions within the film are overdramatic.

The BGM is so bad that you simply get irritated in many areas and appearance for the exit doors. the most theme of the film is simply narrated with a couple of scenes within the climax and therefore the remainder of the film is simply for silly scenes that haven’t any meaning in the least. The lead pair’s characters have also not been derived well as they keep taking their stance time and again.

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The editing of the film is extremely bad as many scenes could are chopped off. the assembly values of the film are excellent then was the camerawork. The dialogues are written were good then was the assembly design. he also showcased the glamor part well but altogether this left the emotions and key story of the film aside and made the movie an uneventful affair.

Oollalla Oollalla is that the new love-based film. It arrived alongside Thoota, Beautiful, and a few other movies. Press meet and promotional videos and attracted the people. Nataraj, Noorin Shereef, and lots of Oollalla Oollalla Telugu Movie Download others acted. Attari Gururaj handled the cash matters and Sathiya Prakash holds the direction part. Joy Rayarala is that music composer. Flick completed all works, under M/s Sukhibhava Movies and Cinemas.

Oollalla Oollalla totally failed in impressing the people, thanks to poor taking. Director only showcased romantic scenes nicely to draw in the B and C sections. we will see the diligence of hero Nataraj in each and each frame. All other actors acted well in their characters. Overall users better skip the film.

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