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Nawabzaade Full Movie Download

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Most of the plot is recounted from the confines of a police headquarters by Karan (Raghav Juyal), Abhishek (Punit Pathak), and Salim (Dharmesh Yelande).

the person responsible, giving the three hapless blokes an audience, is inspector Kathor Singh (Vijay Raaz). In between Singh’s deadpan wisecracks, we are given an understanding of how the three men landed in jail. Best friends, Karan, Abhishek, and Salim, often get together nightly to lament how every woman they pursue finishes up with somebody else.

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Movie Review / Story

Karan may be a fashion designing graduate from Delhi who works as a tailor in his uncle’s shop. Nawabzaade Full Movie Download Salim, an enormous Salman Khan fan, works as a Kabadiwala to form ends meet.

Nawabzaade Full Movie Download

Abhishek, who was named after the famous Bachchan son, maybe a 3D animator who puts up film posters for a living. Each of those men isn’t shy of a lech that’s the one thing they appear to possess in common. Be it at work or on the road, the mere sight of a good-looking woman has our jokers undertaking all kinds of inappropriate behaviour. This behaviour ranges from staring and Nawabzaade Full Movie Download stalking to out-and-out lewdness but the film conveniently passes this off as ‘Boys Being Boys’. The narrative even attempts to convince us that this conduct doubles for confidence, somehow.

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When the particular woman of their dreams makes an entrance, their sleazebag act gets even worse. Sheetal’s (Isha Rikhi) introduction scene may be a case in point. As she moves into their modest mohalla, the three men in question (along with every other male onlooker) cannot peel their eyes away. It appears as if they’re setting eyes on a girl for the very first time in their existence.

Nawabzaade Full Movie

If that isn’t bad enough, the voiceover of the main character refers to her in such glowing terms as centre jaisi raseeli (as juicy as an orange). It goes without Nawabzaade Full Movie Download saying at now (none of the trio has spoken to her so far, of course) that Sheetal is that the one. the subsequent day, the three men barge into Sheetal and her friend at the marketplace. Their romantic (read creepy) behaviour notwithstanding, Sheetal turns down all three proposals by bursting into tears.

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Movie Songs

The only half-redeemable moments within the plot come from Vijay Raaz. there’s something about the man’s comic timing that has the facility to form even the foremost puerile of jokes and punchlines that sound funny. Unfortunately, for the talent he possesses, he finishes up in supporting roles of mostly god-awful comedy films. Even Nawabzaade’s twists with a gangster’s drugs ending up within the wrong bag, the ridiculousness of the staged kidnapping, and therefore the revelation of Sheetal’s true intentions are way below par.

But it’s the clear cut sexism/misogyny that leaves a nasty taste within the mouth. Despite their long list of questionable choices involving a female Nawabzaade Full Movie Download character, the three male leads have somehow happened nearly as good guys. This reinforced notion of them being decent at the bottom is that the saddest part of all. the lads are just creeps, plain and straightforward.

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Reality dawns on these three roadside Romeos when the girl marries somebody else after leading them on for quite a while. ‘Nawabzaade’ is your run-of-the-mill rom-com that brings absolutely nothing new to the table. The girl woos, the blokes fight over her only to understand later that they’ve been played. That’s it the story doesn’t say anything more. Dharmesh, Raghav and Punit have good comic timing and a few really hilarious punchlines.

But, since there’s no meat within the story, all other aspects just fall flat. The writing is cliché and seems hastily assembled. Jayesh Pradhan has tried to tug off another bromance this year with ‘Nawabzaade’ but his combat topic is so ho-hum that it goes haywire Nawabzaade Full Movie Download right from the word go. The last half is painfully pedantic and for a straight-laced romcom, the top maybe a little too bizarre.

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