Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download HD 720p

Navra Bayko ani Ti

Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download

Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download HD 720p The story of the film is about unrealistic expectations and sophisticated relationships. It also takes a glance at how today, having employment is taken into account better than being a farmer in rural areas and the way this affects many youngsters trying to find brides.

When Sudhir’s (Pratik Padwal) proposal of marriage is opposed by a village elder because he doesn’t earn enough, he tries to kill. However, due to an excessive amount of happening simultaneously, the movie loses its focus.

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Movie Review / Story

The film progresses rather weakly within Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download the half but picks up later. Shweta Kulkarni who plays Pallavi, also a replacement entrant, leaves an impact , but has less screen-time to try to to complete justice to her role.

Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download

Sunil Godbole adds comic flavour together with his character as an old man, and also delivers the message of not having unnecessarily high expectations. Although the guts is within the right place, Bayko Deta Ka Bayko suffers in terms of execution. While the movie ends on a cheerful note, an equivalent cannot be said for the audience. Watch this one at your own risk.

Romcoms are around for such an extended time that the large challenge all faces has a particular semblance of originality. Since nobody really wants to vary the formula, most of them appear to vary while they still remain precisely the same. The blueprint followed by rom com is ‘boyz meets girlz, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back.’ In Mrinal Kulkarni’s Ti and Ti, the boy gets two girls and thus undergoes the stages multiple times in several orders.

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Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download

Constructing a romcom round the clichés Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download that we usually find in popular romantic (Bollywood) films is clever, but not without its issues. the foremost common cliché is that the airport scene Jaane tu ya Jaane na exposed it for what it’s , a cliché, and now, the key is out.

Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie

There are another ones also , some purely from the stylistic point of view (proposing to the girl while a band performs) while others (the penultimate quarrel) need to do with the structure of the narrative. While it are often interesting to possess a personality know and use these (not unlike the utilization of horror clichés in Scream series), but that also keep the clichés out. So, one can find yourself with a typical film, which isn’t much different than others, with the sole exception being the character’s knowledge of the narrative structure. Ti and Ti faces an identical problem.

The idea is simple . Anay (Jog) may be a hopeless romantic born and raised on Bollywood romcoms. He wont to have a crush on his classmate, Priyanka, who left school before he could express himself properly. After years of waiting, he finally meets Priyanka (Kulkarni) in London, but he’s already married to Saee (Behre) by this point . For the convenience of the plot (and thanks to the virgin-syndrome of our films, which demands that heroines maintain their virginity so as to be liked by the audience), the wedding has remained unconsummated. This throws Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download Anay into confusion. Should he consider Priyanka’s sudden presence as a symbol and revive his love for her, or remain faithful his wife Saee.

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Movie Songs

In the half , the film suffers thanks to the implausibility of the setup and in fact , the clichés. As a husband (even of an unconsummated marriage) trying to woo his girlfriend, the protagonist is unlikable and stays that way. The comedy seems forced and situations remain unbelievable. However, if you sit through the primary half, the post intermission portion is rewarding.

It still follows an identical pattern of using romcom tropes and there’s little or no change in Anay’s behavior. Still, the script handles the scenes better. we all know the characters more intimately, which helps us to shop for into the premise and accompany the flow. As we are firmly during a Marathi crowd-pleaser zone, we quite skills the film will end, but it happens naturally. The deliberate use of clichés during this part works out well, producing unexpected result sometimes.

Movie Clips / Trailer

Female filmmakers are rare, not only in Marathi but altogether languages and anywhere within the world. Mrinal Kulkarni, a renowned actress within the Navra Bayko ani Ti Marathi Movie Download Marathi industry, has been directing for a few time and seems to be trying to not repeat herself.

The film is nearly entirely shot within the UK and is agreeable to the attention . The actors range from fine to adequate. If not for the pre intermission section, the film could are much better than it’s , but it’s entertaining enough if you’re comfortable during a familiar territory.


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