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Mhorkya Full Marathi Movie Download HD 720p Torrent Sites Ashya, a young lad, may be a shepherd who is happy taking care of sheep instead of studying at the local school. But things take a special turn when Ashya’s name is usually recommended to steer the Republic Day parade at the varsity.

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At some point in our lives, we all have participated in class parades. the entire preparation- poliching shoes, getting your uniform crisply ironed and rehearsing for the parade itself- of these things are sure to make one nostalgic. But the experience of rehearsing for a parade during a city school is much different from that of a faculty during a village. Mhorkya chooses the later as a setting for it’s beautifully-written and executed story.

Mhorkya Full Marathi Movie

The film unfolds through the lifetime of the young Ashok aka Ashya (Raman Deokar), a shepherd who has zero interest in studies. However, when his friends insist, he attends school. His mind is pre-occupied with thoughts of his sheep though. Things change when Ashya’s strong voice catches the eye of a senior teacher who puts him in fray for the school’s Republic Day parade commander’s position.

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Now, Ashya, who is slowly getting keen on the appreciation in class , is willing to return to high school , simply because he wants to be the commander of the parade. But not everything is as easy because it seems. Ashya features a competitor who plans to make sure Ashya doesn’t get what he wants.

In his debut film, director Amar Deokar scores a winning goal. He directs sort of a seasoned filmmaker and is ably supported by his team of actors Mhorkya Full Marathi Movie Download and technicians, especially cinematographer Girish Jambhlikar.

Certain scenes from the film stick with you for long because of the way Amar has executed them. Interestingly, the director also plays a crucial character within the film, that of Anna, who helps Ashya when nobody else comes forward. Why he does it and the way , is for you to seek out out.

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Mhorkya may be a film that beautifully captures important aspects of the society, including the social divide, out ignorance and more. In doing this and keeping the audience involved, Mhorkya Full Marathi Movie Download Amar has succeeded and maybe that’s one among the explanations the film has two National Awards to its name.

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