Mee Sindhutai Sapkal Marathi Movie Download HD Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p

Mee Sindhutai Sapkal Marathi Movie Download

Mee Sindhutai Sapkal Marathi Movie Download HD Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p The film is about a woman named Sindhutai Sapkal, who became a social worker after a very difficult life. Born as Chindi (Ragamphin) in a poor, cattle-grazing family in Wardha, Sindhutai married a man 20 years her senior at the age of 12 and was later abandoned by her husband on charges of infidelity.

Travelling through the backwaters of Maharashtra, the hero never gave up hope and patience and stopped on a fundraising campaign for her orphanage in San Jose which still shelters homeless children.

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Movie Review / Story

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Sindhutai’s story is almost a metaphor that reflects the future of millions of exploited women around the world. And her bravery and willpower in the face of adversity illuminate her life story which ends as a strong feminist parable for all.

Congratulations to Anath Mahadevan for maintaining remarkable restraint in his statement. Nowhere does he try to paint his hero with colours larger than life, and despite his heroism, he holds her tight. The performances are also exemplary, especially the performance of Tejaswani Pandit, a single mother who seeks to write her destiny in a patriarchal society. This is an uplifting movie that needs to be relaxed.

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Movie Detail

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Movie: Mee Sindhutai Sapkal
Director: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan
Star cast: Jyoti Chandekar, Ameya Husaswadkar, Neena Kulkarni, Upendra Limaye, Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, Suhas Palshikar, Tejaswini Pandit, Charusheela Sabale, Meena Sonavane, Jaywant Wadkar, Ganesh Yadav
Language: Marathi
Date of publication: November 12, 2010
Category: Biography, Drama
Duration: 2:41
Official Sites Netflix, Zee5
Quality: 720p, 1080p (estimated)

What more can be said about a film that received a standing ovation after being screened at the National Theater in London? Three shows of the film premiered at the festival recently. Based on the autobiography of well known social worker Sindhutai Sapkal, “Me Sindhutai Sapkal” is a biopic directed by Anant Narayan Mahadevan, a Bollywood actor and filmmaker and journalist.

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The film, which has been screened in various film festivals at home and abroad, has been welcomed in Maharashtra on the first day of its release. Its universal theme is not only attractive but also touches the heart of those who appreciate selfless service to society.

The story of the film starts from the present tense, Ku. Sindhutai Sapkal was travelling by plane for the first time on her way to America at the invitation of Maharashtra Sahitya Mandal. The director of the film is sitting next to her as a travelling companion on a long journey.

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Watch Movie Trailer

Watch Mee Sindhutai Sapkal Movie Official Trailer Here

In the first half of the film, Ms Sindhutai recounts her past with bizarre experiences with every little moment of her journey, while in the second half, she narrates the battle for survival while addressing the American elite audience.

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Director: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan

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