Mauli Marathi Movie Download HD 720p Leaked

Mauli Marathi Movie Download

Mauli Marathi Movie Download HD 720p Leaked After his Marathi acting debut with Lai Bhaari, Riteish Deshmukh turns into an honest cop who locks horns with a goon from the village that he’s posted at, in Mauli. the very fact that Lai Bhaari would have a follow-up film for Riteish Deshmukh was clear the instant Mauli’s teaser poster was launched in 2015.

However, the film took it’s time to succeed in the large screen, changing Nishikant Kamat to Aditya Sarpotdar because the director within the course of your time . Nevertheless, Mauli, Riteish’s second Marathi outing as an actor, created tons of buzz and was Mauli Marathi Movie Download one among the foremost looked forward to films of the year.

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Movie Review / Story

The protagonist of this film, Mauli (Riteish) may be a policeman who is shipped to alittle , dusty village to require charge of the law and order situation there. Mauli is timid and doesn’t believe physical violence to urge things done. This attitude gets him beaten up by goons of the liquor and land mafia travel by Nana Londhe (Jitendra Joshi). However, during a twist of sorts, Mauli returns subsequent day to bash those goons and earns the wrath of Londhe.

Mauli Marathi Movie Download

Fresh from the success of Faster Fene, director Sarpotdar delves into a comparatively unchartered territory for him- an action entertainer. Kshitij Patwardhan adapts Milap Zaveri’s story to the screen and tries to infuse a meaningful message into it, but at its heart, Mauli may be a mass entertainer and therefore the team knows that alright . there’s the vardi wala mouthing kadak lines, bashing up goons left, right and centre, willing to risk his life for the villagers’ cause and finding time to romance his ladylove Renuka (Saiyami Kher) also . All the essential elements for a whistle podu audience are there Mauli Marathi Movie Download during this film and therein sense, it doesn’t disappoint.

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Mauli Marathi Movie Download

Riteish takes the responsibility of carrying the film through on his shoulders and makes sure the viewers are engaged. In contrast to his last outing as a villain in Baji, Joshi’s Nana Londhe is inhumane and may attend any extent to urge what he wants. Saiyami’s Renuka is usually on the side lines as Mauli gets the limelight, but, though not giving quite the simplest performance, the Mauli Marathi Movie Download actress is sincere. Siddharth Jadhav is sweet and his role could’ve been etched out far better.

Mauli Marathi Movie

Truth be told, Mauli doesn’t live up to the standards that Lai Bhaari set. The film tries to use similar elements from Riteish’s first outing which makes it predictable. Also, unlike Lai Bhaari, the suspense element is revealed quite early within the plot here. Further, the movie shots get repetitive and Riteish Saiyami’s romantic song right within the middle of the film ruins an intense build-up.

Despite all this, the film is faithful its soul. it’s an entertainer and that’s exactly what it does. If you go expecting a movie that touches your heart or delivers a robust message, you won’t be ready Mauli Marathi Movie Download to enjoy Mauli. enter the cinema hall to urge entertained.

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Movie Songs

Lai Bhari was an action thriller produced by Genelia D’Souza, which starred Riteish Deshmukh within the lead. one among his two personas within the film was Mauli, a kind-hearted goon who rights the wrongs and punishes the guilty. Aditya Sarpotdar’s Mauli carries forward the vibes of the sooner film. It also has Riteish playing Mauli, a person on a mission to deliver alittle town from the clutches of evil Nana Londhe (Joshi).

Mauli isn’t an innovation, but as far as presentations go, it’s strong. The film quickly underlines the connection to Lai Bhari with the Pandharpur sequence within the titles, followed by a fight sequence actually quoting ‘Lai Bhari’ within the dialogues, and a ‘Holi’ song starring Genelia with Riteish that’s a not-so-subtle reminder of an identical song in Lai Bhari. The story proper begins with Inspector Mauli Deshmukh’s posting during a small village. The village is ruled by Nana Londhe, a crook dealing in everything from liquor to land. As Mauli encounters Nana, sparks fly and therefore the village soon becomes a battleground.

Movie Clips / Trailer

Mauli features a great intermission point. Although predictable to those listening , it should come as surprise to most within the audience. The post Mauli Marathi Movie Download intermission narrative builds thereon but there are weaker areas here. The script should have given a touch more thought to them. The film draws from many sources, generic also as specific films, but I refrain from talking about specifics because the mere mention of them may reveal some secrets the movie is cleverly hiding. Generally, we will see the impact of superhero genre, mistaken identity also as revenge sagas. Mauli mixes real social issues like farmer suicides with the melodrama, to a fairly successful result. But it’s a quintessential masala film.

We must find the courage within ourselves is that the one message you’ll bring home from Mauli. Director Aditya Sarpotdar and screenwriter Kshitij Patwardhan are two of the foremost successful names in Marathi industry, and that they have frequently collaborated together. Their last success was Faster Fene, which did alright commercially and critically. They still be in top form with this release. The film is visually rich and therefore the credit should attend cinematographer Amalendu Choudhary, another superstar . But the film truly belongs to its actors, Riteish Deshmukh and Jitendra Joshi.

Riteish carries the role within the same spirit as Lai Bhari. Even when this is often not an actual sequel, thematic and character similarities justify this decision. Joshi, fresh from his critically acclaimed turn as Katekar in Sacred Games, embodies the nefarious Nana to a T . One can’t help remembering another memorable villain Joshi performed, in Nikhil Mahajan’s Baji, a movie not too dissimilar to Mauli from the thematic angle. Of the remaining cast, Siddharth Jadhav is wasted during a role which has screen time but no real impact, and Saiyami Kher has enthusiasm but poor dialogue delivery.

I will recommend Mauli to anyone who is prepared to ascertain it for what it’s . The agenda Mauli Marathi Movie Download of the team is extremely clear from the title, the publicity and therefore the trailers. they’re not opting to make something new but are adding a solid entry during a popular genre. If you’re keen on the genre, the film is for you.


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