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Mastram Hindi Web Series Download

Mastram Hindi Web Series All Episodes Watch Mastram is that the story of a writer named Rajaram. The story of the Mastram web series revolves around writer Rajaram. He was considered a really boring and unsuccessful writer consistent with Publishing Houses. But the story takes a turn when the author writes some thrilling stories that become a moment hit among the youth.

With this sudden success and wealth, how will Rajaram’s personal life be affected? See author Rajaram Mastram Hindi Web Series or say author Mastram’s biography in “Mastram” web series. Also, you’ll skill to read the name of the author from Rajaram to Mastram.

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Mastram Hindi Web Series Season 1 (All Episodes)

Episode 1

Rajaram may be a struggling writer, referred to as an uneventful writer and humiliated by publishers, and frustrated Rajaram talks to his ally when the publisher tells the author that he will never find a reader and other people Decides to write down about erotic fantasies.

From here, the primary character of the author is born and alongside this, a sensuous personality, Mastram is born. Mastram is that the author’s inner personality that helps the author to write down erotic fantasies to entertain the folk.

mastram episode 1

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Episode 2

Rajaram seems to be a successful writer as Mastaram and earns good money also on the other hand his uncle advises him to believe his personal life and meet a woman for marriage.

Meanwhile, Rajaram talks to Gopal and draws inspiration from a person from his school days, giving rise to a more spicy and erotic Hindi story for his book. How will she meet the girl for marriage?

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Episode 3

Rajaram’s personal life goes very normal Mastram Hindi Web Series apart from the incident between his uncle and Madhu but he faces some challenges as a writer and is unable to seek out any inspiration to write down his next “Mastaram book” is.

Luckily, new neighbors (a Malayali couple) enter her life and therefore the Malayalam couple’s disgruntled wife becomes the middle of Mastram’s imaginations and inspiration for his new book. Will a mature woman*n end in another tremendous selling book.

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Episode 4
Rajaram is trying to repair things between him and Madhu in his personal life and he decides to travel on his first date with Madhu.

But at an equivalent time, Rajaram’s ability to require inspiration from the environment is getting stronger, when he gets inspired to write down subsequent Mastaram story, this story starts revolving around his next book “Baniya Aur Chhoti Bahu”.

mastram episode 4

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Episode 5

Just as Rajaram’s personal life looks like settling down and his happiness with Madhu increases with each passing day, so does another person’s entry into Rajaram’s life. Rajaram meets Madhu’s widow Aunty, who is incidentally quite young.

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Will meeting with this new person help in making Rajaram and Madhu’s relationship newer Or will this inspire Mastram to write down a replacement story.

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Episode 6

Rajaram’s maternal uncle proposes that the Mastram Hindi Web Series must attend Delhi for wedding shopping. Gopal accompanies them and after saying goodbye to Madhu, the trio leaves for Delhi. After stopping at a hotel, Mama leaves to satisfy a lover.

Between the meeting, there’s a rift between the maternal uncle and therefore the police and Rajaram runs away to save lots of his maternal uncle but once more learns that the police inspector is none aside from his school friend’s elder sister, once more his past Memories and teenage fantasies resurface.

mastram episode 6

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Episode 7

To find peace and solitude to write down his next story, Rajaram decided to go to Chamba a few times. Mama also finds how to seek out a partner for her loneliness. On reaching Chamba, Rajaram learns that actress Indurakha is shooting there.

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Rajaram makes his way into the actress’ room by telling a little lie and to impress the actress, Rajaram creates a replacement story on the concept of casting couch. However, at the top of the story, Indurekha tells Rajaram something which will change Rajaram’s life and career.

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Episode 8

After coming back from Chamba, Madhu Mastram Hindi Web Series realizes something and starts suspecting Rajaram. Slowly her suspicion becomes stronger and she or he takes the support of her friends to redress this doubt.

His friends then plan to test Rajaram’s loyalty and his character. the 2 girls invite Rajaram for an erotic proposal which is nearly impossible to refuse. Will Rajaram accept the offer, or will he win Madhu’s test.

mastram episode 8

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Episode 9

As unrest strikes Rajaram’s personal life, Rajaram decides to write down a letter to Madhu, and within the letter, Rajaram asks Madhu to go away and break the wedding. Meanwhile, Raju gets married and his wife helps him in his laundry business.

However, Raju’s wife has quite the usual expectations and she or he submits herself to the sarpanch to satisfy her wishes. Rajaram takes note of this ongoing chemistry and decides to translate the story into words for his next chapter.

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Episode 10

Rajaram is traveling in Mumbai on a train together with his family. on the other hand, there’s tons of talk between TC and Rajaram, however, Bajaram doesn’t know that Madhu is additionally boarding an equivalent train.

See the tremendous web series Learn more Mastram Hindi Web Series on Mx Player The story of a young man who makes a career in writing, but chooses a kind of writing that can’t be revealed to everyone.

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