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Marudhar Express Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Perpetually overwhelmed by his emotions and lack of ambition in life, Marudhar (Kunaal Roy Kapur) navigates through the same quite aimlessly. This small-town boy despises all that’s old and fears everything new, but is guided by the supporting (and equally bizarre) characters, who overdo their part most of the time, and not just in his life.

Kunaal’s seamless performance is the only saving grace in this film, as the rest of the actors have overacted and the director over directed, failing to skillfully present the already half-baked script. Forceful adversities try to add layers to the plot but aren’t strong enough to hold one’s attention, and the weak dialogues don’t help either.

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It was evident that the movie was meant to release a long-time back, as you can’t overlook some Marudhar Express Movie Download of the glaring hiccups like the usage of old currency notes and more sinister ones like distasteful comments on criminalizing gay affairs.

Marudhar Express Movie Download

The background score and cinematography surely complement the simplistic characters and the overall setup, look and feel of ‘Marudhar express’. What actually works is the build-up towards a life-altering revelation in the central character’s life, although it doesn’t really lead to anything substantial. The absurd challenges by his overtly sexual father (Rajesh Sharma), ridiculous suggestions by his strange friends, and the carefree outlook of his wife Chitra may all seem endearing, but the truth is that this slice of life drama does not fulfill the purpose it sets out to serve that is to impart a deep lesson on life.

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‘Marudhar Express’ is an insipid amalgamation of multiple coming-of-age films weaved into one, but sans Roy Kapur’s personable screen presence, this life saga is one journey you wouldn’t regret not embarking on. Marudhar Express Movie Download Metaphorically speaking, this film has a Mars Versus Venus construct transposed to a Kanpur Versus Lucknow one but the similarities end there. John Gray’s famous analogy exemplifying the most common relationship problems between men and women as a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes doesn’t really hold strong in this film because the writing isn’t generically inclined.

Marudhar Express Movie

The script, while interesting in its attempt to garner distinctiveness, fails to catch fire. A rather insipid, uninspiring character, Marudhar Pandey (Kunal Roy Kapur), named after the express train he was born in, is rather forcibly put-to-wed Chitra (Tara Alisha Berry of Love Games and The Perfect Girl, fame) an ambitious, Marudhar Express Movie Download outspoken, self-aware beautician by his sex-crazed widower father (Rajesh Sharma) who also manages to get Marudhar to toe his line on getting his new wife pregnant within the stipulated three months.

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The couple doesn’t appear to be well-matched, their reasons for coming together seem phony and their honeymoon in Nainital is as limpid and woebegone as the lead male character. That’s meant to be, I guess. A side-step in the form of a former boyfriend Manish Bansal, a hotelier, chancing them at their hotel and his overbearing attempt to monopolize Chitra’s attention, tests Marudhar’s forbearance. He overreacts and causes a rift which widens further after Chitra’s sudden revelation that she is pregnant after three days of marriage.

The implications are many but the families ignore them and are ecstatic. There’s little logic to support that subplot and the dialogues play hard at being fanciful and witty even though the effect is rather mindless. Forcibly interspersed into that relationship fracas is the titter-tatter of an elderly couple (Ramesh and Seema Deo) and Marudhar Express Movie Download some silly stand-up routines by Marudhar’s buddies Sundar and Kapil.

The only thing that keeps the narrative buoyant is Tara Alisha Berry’s spirited performance. She has the screen presence and confidence to leave an impact on Bollywood. This film, though, coming as it does after, Bareilly Ki Barfi and similar small-town-based romcoms, feels spuriously appropriated, unremarkable, and lacking in substance.

The first trailer of Kunal Roy Kapur’s Marudhar Express came online Wednesday afternoon. The movie is about a young couple who had an arranged marriage and face the immediate family pressure of having a child.

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Directed by Vishal Mishra, Marudhar Express is a rom-com film that also stars Tara Alisha Berry. The story is set in Lucknow and showcases a small-town love story. Kunal plays an innocent man who has not had any interaction with women and has to deal with an arranged marriage as his father insists he must get married.

Vishal Mishra has earlier directed Sunil Grover’s Coffee with D. I am a huge fan of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and his slice-of-life films. This film is truly inspired by his style of filmmaking. A fair share of the credit also Marudhar Express Movie Download goes to our producer Raj Kushwaha for his unconditional support, Vishal had earlier said about the film in a statement.

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