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Lover Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Lover Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Lover Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Raj(Raj Tarun) falls crazy with a nurse by the name of Charitha(Riddhi Kumar). Well, what’s the twist behind all this and the way does Raj save his lover is that the whole story of the film. Raj Tharun looks good together with his new makeover.

The way he balanced the romantic part within the half and carried the massy avatar during the later part is sweet. Debutante Riddhi Kumar may be a superb find and she or he is apt because of the Malayali nurse. Performance-wise too, she is sort of impressive and evokes good emotions.

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Movie Review / Story

Rajeev Kanakala adds tons of depth to the film together with his impressive screen presence. The way he showcased superb emotions within the later half is impressive and it’ll be interesting to Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download ascertain how he chooses his roles from now on as a senior actor. Songs are the most important asset of the film as all the numbers are superb and have also been shot well.

Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Subbaraj and Ajay do their negative parts well. a significant mafia found out who is after a rare blood type is showcased from the beginning but when the time comes for real action during the climax, Raj Tharun fools them because the film is bound up in a hurry. This looks a touch over the highest. Also, more comedy and better romance should be added within the half to form things tighter. the most villain, Sachin Khedekar is totally wasted in his role and doesn’t have even one lengthy dialogue.

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Lover Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

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If you’re taking out the great songs from the film, the movie doesn’t generate much interest. a really good episode and the song is followed by some Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download silly scenes and this is where the film gets tedious for the audience. Production values by Dil Raju’s nephew, Harshith Reddy, are top-notch as he has not compromised on the visuals and music a part of the film as they’re the most assets. Editing is decent then was the special effects.

Five music directors have worked on the score and that they have done an outstanding job. Coming to the director Anish Krishna, he has done just an okay job with the film. His story is routine but the treatment is fresh first ten minutes of the last half where the film shifts to Kerala. But the way Anish ends the film and makes the last fifteen minutes boring and silly disappoints the audience to an extent.

Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

After delivering duds like ‘Rangula Raatnam’ and ‘Raju Gadu’, Raj Tarun manages to select a movie that may even as well redeem him as an actor. Anish Krishna’s directorial ‘Lover’ features a story that’s nowhere near as novel because it tries to be. aside from the regular old tropes of boy meets girl, harasses her into loving him, finishes up saving her and therefore the day both, the film offers nothing new at its core. Raj (Raj Tarun) lost his parents at a young age and grew up together with his brother Jaggu (Rajiv Kanakala). He lives together with his brother, sister-in-law and loving niece, Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download hoping to possess a family of his own someday.

While his brother dwindles on the opposite side of law together with his friend Sampath (Subbaraju), Raj stays distant from conflict and likes to earn an honest living. Charita (Riddhi Kumar) walks into his life sort of a breath of fresh air, bowling him over together with her cherubic face and helpful nature.

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Movie Songs

The film tries to place a twist on the regular old romance by inserting a sidetrack featuring a deadly don Varadharaj (Sachin Khedekar) who suffers from liver cirrhosis, his nephew (Ajay) who will attend to any extent to save lots of his mama, a lover of Raj who comes up with an app which will hack into vehicles, hospital scams and more. Why Charita’s life is in peril and what exactly do Varadharaj and his nephew want for the remainder of the story.

Raj Tarun delivers an honest enough performance as a person trying to find some stability in his life. His New Look seems to suit him too, without seeing him as a wannabe. Riddhi Kumar refreshingly plays a Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download gorgeous and independent girl with a mind of her own. unfortunately, the filmmakers turn her character into nothing quite a damsel-in-distress by the top of the film. Rajiv Kanakala delivers a subtle and powerful performance Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download as Jaggu, trying his best to try to do well with his family. it’s Subbaraju, Sachin Khedekar and Ajay however who are truly wasted during this tale, with their characters projected as caricatures of something more.

Sameer Reddy’s dreamy visuals make ‘Lover’ nothing but a delight to observe on the large screen. Painting the scenes crammed with love in beautiful pastels and choosing a more neutral palette instead of the tragedy that ensues, Sameer does a stupendous job conveying the emotions of the film. The way he plays around with light, camera angles and hues convey clearly the love he holds for the craft. The music of this film too ably supports the story, moving it forward and adding to the dreaminess rather than being a hindrance.

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Raj (Raj Tarun) may be a creative mechanic who can make customized bikes and sell them for giant bucks. His elder brother (played by Rajeev Kanakala) may be a partner of a small-time gangster (played by Subburaj). The hero falls crazy with Charitha (Riddhi Kumar), a Malayali nurse working in Anantapur, where most of the film is about.

Somewhere Varadaraj (Sachin Khadekar), an immoral billionaire, needs a liver transplant and he belongs to a rare blood type. His nephew (played by Ajay) is violent and may attend to any extent to make sure that his uncle is saved. Why is she wanted by the villains? What does Raj now do to save lots of her? Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download Where does the hero’s brother figure altogether this. that is the remainder of the story.

Don’t know what director Anish Krishna was brooding about the climax of ‘Lover’, but a prudent director would have realized that this climax would are fit to be there as a pre-climax episode. A hero and his gang of loyal friends can engineer a technical coup for all they will, but such ideas shouldn’t be used for love or money quite to make primary care within the heart Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download of the villain(s). In ‘Lover’, what should are one among the tricks of the hero becomes the one and the only weapon, idea of heroism and dose of intelligence (if you’ll charitably call it).

When you have an actor like Raj Tarun whom our filmmakers think should behave sort of a ‘Cinema Choopistha Mama’ boy whoever could also be the villain and whoever could also be the girl he’s wooing, you get films like ‘Lover’. Charitha goes missing and Anish Krishna uses his creativity to infuse a tragic song here to convey the hero’s depression and anxiety.

Movie Star Cast

Rajeev Kanakala’s face, on the opposite hand, is full of disproportionately higher doses of nervousness. Maybe he knew he should do Raj Tarun’s part also. Or maybe, he has always been like this. But there comes a time when even he has got to forget his Bluetooth and do some body movements. The director now tells himself that Ajay should be put to best use during this Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download scene sans Bluetooth. which particular scene goes on forever, complete with Rajeev Kanakala’s unbearable guts and predictable closing.

The way our directors consider nothing aside from cultural tourism and therefore the like, phrases like ‘God’s own country and therefore the like, lame lines like ‘Malayalam girls are beautiful’ and therefore the like whenever the backdrop shifts to Kerala, is Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download flabbergasting. because of the producer’s magnanimity, the heroine features a ‘Lanka antha kompa’ in Alappuzha and therefore the two people that are most delighted by this swanky house need to be the cinematographer and the stage director.

Lover Hindi Full Movie

To say that the film’s story is predictable would be correct but not adequate. Even most of the scenes are. you’ll see the character of the incident from miles away, especially as long as the girl maybe a nurse. the sole reason this incident takes a while to happen Lover Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download is that Anish Krishna was given the liberty to rope in comedians like Sathyam Rajesh, Sathya and Praveen, who are made use of for a scene during a restaurant.

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