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Life Anubhavinchu Raja

Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download

Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Raja (Raviteja) may be a youngster with the tendency to fail at everything, including love. So he plans to don the saffron robes and migrate to the Himalayas. Here, he meets Shreya (Shruti Shetty) and falls crazy once more. How he becomes a millionaire by selling water is what the film is all about.

The meaningless storyline mentioned above tells how pathetic the film really is. Right from the get-go, the film may be a hard watch. Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download Director Suresh Timur clearly tried to form an exotic cocktail, unfortunately, it’s a terrible drink. The story is silly, the screenplay is convulsed and performances are the less said that the higher.

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Movie Review / Story

Raja may be a loser who keeps trying out various things only to fail and find no success. He does everything from selling Doodh Peda to Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download dosa to determine himself as an entrepreneur. Success however eludes him and he falls crazy with Nitya Harati (Sravani Nikki). She falls for (wait for it) his dosa-making skills and needs to elope with him.

Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download

However, when his dosa start-up fails, he disagrees together with her plan. And, of course, she dumps him. A heartbroken Raja heads to the Himalayas. While this all sounds remotely fun and Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download perhaps even funny on paper, it’s really not. A series of illogical scenes strung together don’t a funny movie make. And when every scene hits below the belt, it’s hard to root for it. The worst part is that the film tries to evangelize how an individual should achieve success in life.

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Kind of hard to require that seriously when the protagonist’s big, bright idea is to sell water. The cinematography, music, and Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download other technicalities don’t help either. Raviteja must improve, a lot, and his shallow performance can’t be distracted by Shruti’s glam show. Sravani doesn’t have any scope to perform either. It’s an utterly senseless film with a meaningless storyline.

Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie

Raja(Ravi Teja) may be a loser in life who falls crazy with Harati(Sravani). Even Harati falls crazy with Raja and decides to elope with him. Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download Right at this moment, Raja backs off. Upset with this, Harati moves ahead in life. This leaves Raja devastated and he leaves for the Himalayas. There, he meets Shreya(Shreya Shetty). He once more gives love an attempt to proposes to Shreya but she proposes to him directly. what is going to Raja do now? How will he win Shreya’s love? What happened to Harati That forms the remainder of the story.

Movie Songs

The biggest highlight of the film was Raja. He as a loser in life does a particularly good job. Life Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Download He carried the whole film on his shoulders. Both the heroines, Shruthi Shetty and Sravani did an honest job in their supporting roles. The songs of the film are pretty decent and particularly a song which is shot within the Himalayas backdrop is pretty good. Some fun scenes have begun well and evoke decent laughs. The actors who play the hero’s friends have also done an honest job within the movie. The so-called small twists have also been shown well.

The title has no reference to the storyline and this is often the most important drawback of the film. How a love failure guy makes it big is that the theme of the film and this has been left alone and has not been exploited well in the least. The way the hero takes on business tycoons has no seriousness within the least in the film.

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a man who is upset with life due to life falls crazy instantly the instant he lands within the Himalayas looks a touch over the board and faux. there’s no proper flow within the scenes and therefore the BGM that elevates these scenes may be a nightmare. because the actors also are new, the so-called depth within the proceedings isn’t within the least developed in the film.

The special effects are sort of good for this low-budget film. The way the Himalayas are shot is sweet to ascertain on screen. the assembly values of the film are strictly okay. Editing is pathetic as on the brink of a quarter-hour within the film could are chopped off. Coming to the director Suresh, he has done an uneventful job with the film. His story is extremely old and therefore the narration he has given is even older making it tedious for the audience.

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