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Laabam Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p

Laabam Movie Download

Laabam Movie Download

Laabam Movie Download AVailable HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla The late SP Jhananathan was a filmmaker who saw films as a way to propagate his ideology. Naturally, there was quite a whiff of preachiness in his films. Laabam is not any exception. The film is an outcry against capitalism, about how the greed to form profits results in making decisions that appear good within the short term but are long-term disasters for both the people and therefore the planet.

His protagonist is Pakkiri (Vijay Sethupathi), the farmers’ association president of Peruvayal, who wants to reclaim Panchami land that has been usurped by the landlords, and provides it back to the commoner and use it for a community farming initiative that might benefit all the farmers of the village.

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Laabam Movie Review / Story

But the large shot of the place, Vanangamudi (Jagapathi Babu, typecast for the hundredth time as a greedy capitalist) has other plans. He wants to start a bio-diesel project which will fetch him billions. And with the police and politicians in his pocket, Vanangamudi would attend to any extent to make sure that his plan succeeds.


Laabam is what one could call a movie with good intentions, but are honourable intentions enough to form us care a few films? It depends on what proportion of the lecturing you’ll stomach. this is often the type of movie where the protagonist is characterised as someone who seems to understand everything and is called a God by his people.

Laabam Movie Detail

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Movie Name: Laabam (2021)
Movie Director: S.P. Jhananathan
Lead Star cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Shruti Haasan, Jagapati Babu
Movie Producers: Vijay Sethupathi and P.Arumugakumar
Movie IMDB Rating: 3.3/10
Movie Budget: 1.5 Crore INR (Approx)
Streaming partner: Youtube
Production company: 7C’s Entertainment, Vijay Sethupathi Productions
Movie Certificate: U
Movie Language: Telugu, Tamil
Movie Release Date: September 09, 2021
Movie Genre: Drama, Thriller
Official Sites Youtube, Zee5
Movie Duration: 2:24
Movie Size: 437MB, 831MB & 1.5GB
Movie Format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV
Movie Quality: 720p, 1080p, 1440p (estimated)

Here, Vijay Sethupathi whose look keeps changing from one scene to subsequent explains the concept of profit through a loaf of bread (a la Vijay, who gave communism for dummies line with idli), and details the ways during which sugarcane gets converted into numerous products and rues how the sugarcane farmer remains poor, narrates the history and politics behind land ownership, then on then forth.

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Yes, these are informative moments, but when it involves storytelling, they will only be described as an information dump. The film’s narrative is sort of fractured. instead of moving from one incident to the opposite, here, it moves from one issue to the opposite at a rapid pace giving us a false sense of momentum. The characters, too, are either painted in broad strokes.

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Pakkiri is claimed to be a Fakir-like person with worldly knowledge having travelled far and wide, and so, we are asked to think about whatever he says as of right. He features a gang of friends, but no one is written memorably. The likes of Kalaiyarasan and Sai Dhanshika are wasted in insignificant roles. As for Vanangamudi, he does all the cliched things that rich villains in the film do owns a palatial bungalow, has women who service him at his beck and call, features a corrupt cop by his side permanently well, you recognize the remainder.

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Then, we even have a compulsory female lead. this is often Clara (Shruti Haasan), a performer. The less said about Clara’s significance to the plot the higher. We even get a perfunctory romantic track between her and Pakkiri, which is thankfully abandoned as quickly because it is brought into the plot.

Given that Jhananathan is not anymore, it’s hard to decide on what proportion of this messy storytelling is thanks to his death. The director had shot the film but had given up the ghost during the editing, together with his assistants completing the post-production. But, tragically, Laabam will remain this filmmaker’s final film.

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Laabam Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p - Filmyzilla
Laabam Movie Download

Director: S. P. Jananathan

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