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Krishna and His Leela Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Krishna and His Leela Telugu Movie Download

Krishna and His Leela Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Rom-coms, especially those tamilrockers which coast thereon creaky concept of the one guy-two girl’s triangle, need major retrofitting to form things fresh. Radha (Vadnikatti) is beautiful, and Krishna is like ‘Woh Nahi Toh Koi Aur Sahi’. And things go swimmingly till employment and alter of town pose a true problem old love, or new.

Ricocheting between two women, and lying through his teeth, is finally not something a true man does Jonalgadda is believable as that fellow who moves from self-pity to feeling conflicted, and, most Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download significantly, not smug about having his cake and eating it too. the 2 young women, Satya and Radha, are distinct, well-outlined characters, and have minds of their own, though you would like the script had given them a couple of more smarts in facing up to their two-timer. And a spirited third woman, Rukhsar (Kapoor) adds to the combination.

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Movie Review / Story

At two hours, it’s a stretch. A heavy-handed plot twist, which involves Krishna’s father and his philandering ways, bunged in as a lesson, makes Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download going bumpy. But the tone remains conversational and lightweight, and Krishna breaking the fourth wall frequently, addressing us directly, doesn’t mercifully feel gimmicky or overdone. There’s a skinny line between comedy and drama and you’re walking thereon line now, says a personality to a different. The film manages to steer that line, wobbling occasionally but straightening call at a time.

Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download

Why would the director who made the 2016 engrossing thriller Kshanam, borrow a climactic sequence from Yashraj’s Hum Tum, though Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download. It nearly spoils the remainder of it. Fortunately, there’s enough juice within Leela and a hero who lives and learns.

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The film starts with Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) ending together with his girlfriend Satya (Shraddha Srinath). Upset together with his life, Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download decide to manoeuvre on and fall crazy with Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti). But his job leads him to Bangalore and there, he once more meets Satya. Things take such a turn that Krishna starts dating both the women hiding things from one another . the remainder of the story is on whom does Krishna picks within the end.

Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie

Siddhu Jonnalgadda gets an author-backed role and he makes full use of it. Be it his looks or the way he portrays a confused lover, Siddhu has Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download played with ease. it had been not a simple role but the young actor impresses together with his act. because the film was within the making for an extended time, Shraddha Srinath looks a touch raw but she does well in her role. Her chemistry with Siddhu is pretty good. Viva Harsha gets an honest role and does his part well.

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Movie Songs

But it’s Shalini Vadnakatti who walks away with the cake. She as Radha gets a meaty role and therefore the inexperienced actress does Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download it so well. Be it her emotions, look, or the way she shows subtle changes in her mood, Shalini does it effectively. The conversations between the lead pairs are written effectively and appear endearing in many scenes.

Jhansi and Sampath do their supporting roles well. The songs are never a disturbance and that they are composed rather well by Sri Charan Pakala. Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download Also, the way during which today’s youth affect their confused relationships has been showcased well. Though the premise has been set quite well in Telugu nativity, such a topic has been discussed in many Hindi and Telugu films earlier. A boy dating two girls, getting confused, there’s nothing special this film showcases in terms of novelty.

Movie Cast

The ending could are explained in a bit better manner but director Ravikanth wraps it up at a pace and therefore the emotional angle is missed during this point. Also, the pace of the film is pretty Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download slow in many areas. the assembly values of the film are top-notch and therefore the solid camerawork makes things quite visually appealing. Dialogues are superb and meaningful. Editing is simply about okay then were the costumes. As said earlier, music and BGM are top-notch. The film may be screenplay based and it’s been handled well in most parts. Coming to the director Ravikanth Perepu, he has done an honest job with the film. Though his subject may be a bit old, the way he narrates the film without bringing in other unnecessary factors look good. Though the film is slow, his execution has decent moments in both halves.

Krishna And His Leela Telugu

It doesn’t take much for Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) to fall crazy. But it’s not his fault, seeing as how he’s somehow constantly surrounded Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download by strong, sexy women. His first love Satya (Shraddha Srinath) is spunky and has no time for his insecure nonsense. She’s his senior in college and therefore the duo gets through the maze of their difficult relationship in their own immature ways. His second love Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti) features a mind of her own but is trying to find something serious, content as long as Krishna agrees to calm down together with her. When employment opportunity takes him to Bengaluru and brings Satya back to his life, chaos ensues. within the tale also are his trusty BFF (Harsha Chemudu), Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download who sprouts misogynistic dialogues sometimes and his sister Arya’s (Samyukta Hornad) roommate Ruksaar (Seerat Kapoor), a restaurant owner who plays witness to the proceedings and helps him get some clarity when the time comes.

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In the real world, relationships are often wrought with misunderstandings and are rarely convenient. Ravikanth Perepu and Siddhu’s story explores the ‘inconvenience’ of it all pretty much, with Krishna getting tossed around sort of a ball, mostly thanks to his own inability to inform the difficult truth.

The initiate to the instant when Krishna realizes he’s within the very same boat his father (Sampath), whom he and his mom (Jhansi) absolutely detest, once probably was is so well-played, clearly, it’s not just matters of the guts Ravikanth and Siddhu shine at. But that’s something that could’ve been explored a touch Krishna And His Leela Telugu Movie Download further too. Krishna and His Leela’s basic premise however does remind one among Vivek Athreya’s beautiful debut film Mental Madhilo, but this tale dares to explore it further.

The film offers a refreshing combat love that goes beyond the standard finds a girl-falls in love-marries her tropes. While Ravikanth and Siddhu manage to tackle a touchy subject without seeing as someone who makes excuses, the way it all plays out remains within the trappings of the standard rom-com which is best enjoyed with an enormous tub of popcorn (even at home). But that’s not a nasty thing really. can we wish Ruksaar’s character was explored just a teeny tiny bit more especially when she already seems to be comfortable with who she is Sure? But the way it all ends makes up for it. Also, did Ravikanth and Siddhu just manage to sneak during a tale of polyamory under all our noses Kudos thereto.

Siddhu is an absolute delight and a revelation during this one. He nails equally his performance, especially when he keeps breaking the fourth wall to offer a glimpse of how he’s truly feeling. Shraddha Srinath just breezes through her role, almost as if it doesn’t even push her to the bounds she’s capable of. Shalini Vadnikatti plays the insecure, weepy girl to the tee for the foremost part but falters sometimes. Seerat Kapoor too may be a delight and albeit she’s not given the maximum amount of screen space because the other two she manages to carry her own pretty much. Sricharan Pakala’s music, especially the hilarious Pulihora track, breaks up the sometimes repetitive proceedings.

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