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Konda Polam Full Movie Download

Konda Polam Full Movie Download

Konda Polam Full Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Ravindranath aka Ravi (Vaishnav Tej) may be a young man who’s well-read by his shepherd father in hope that he finds an opulent job within the city. Despite attending work sessions, Ravi finds it onerous to crack the interview or word spherical irrespective of what he does. His spine looks to be in an exceedingly perpetual state of shiver, be it in a council chamber or back range in the village wherever he’s perpetually asked why he doesn’t have employment yet. Sent to the forest by his grandparent (Kota Srinivasa Rao) for Konda polam, Ravi must learn to forgo his fears if he’s to survive. And even a lot of importantly, if he must keep the many goats that rely upon him alive.

Krish will a large job of putting in the tale. The region they sleep in has not seen serious rain for years. there’s a water shortage not only for the humans there but additionally for the goats the shepherd community look when. The shepherds decision their herd they appear after pranalu and appear as showing emotion obsessed with them because the voiceless creatures are on them. The forest they live close to is generous though. She provides them with food and even water once the time comes, except makeshift weapons created out of rocks to safeguard themselves from predators each human and animal kind.

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Movie Review / Story

Young Mega hero Vaishnav Tej and svelte beauty Rakul Preet Singh teamed up with director Krish for the agricultural fearless drama, Konda Polam. The film is predicated on noted author Sannapureddy Venkataramireddy’s acclaimed book, Konda Polam. Shot entirely throughout the Covid second wave, Konda Polam has had its theatrical unleash these days amid loads of expectations. Let’s see however the film is.

Konda Polam Telugu Movie

throughout his IFS interview at the UPSC, New Delhi, Kataru Ravindra Yadav (Vaishnav Tej) narrates his journey on the chief interviewer’s (Nasser) insistence. Ravindra hails from a poor family in an exceeding village close to Nallamala Forest in Kadapa. Ravindra’s father (Sai Chand) educates him by swarming goats. however even when finishing his engineering and following computer code courses in Ameerpet, Ravindra fails to induce employment in Hyderabad and returns to his village.

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Konda Polam Movie Detail

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Movie: Konda Polam (2021)
Director: Krish Jagarlamudi
Star cast: Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Rakul Preet Singh
Producer: Y.Rajeev Reddy
Language: Telugu
Date of publication: October 08, 2021
Category: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Duration: 2:22
Official Sites:  Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5
Quality: 720p, 1080p (estimated)

redaction may be sharper, as a few scenes portraying the villager’s struggles and their bond with the character seem redundant. Art Direction is spot on because it gets the environment right. Dialogues too are laced with serious emotions and merit a special mention. The VFX on the tiger may be a lot of realistic since the tiger plays a key role within the journey of the protagonist and therefore the film.

On the whole, Konda Polam is a powerful and emotional tale of a young village man’s (Vaishnav Tej) inspiring journey. Actors’ performances, Krish’s trademark realistic and emotional narrative are the most strengths of this rural fearless drama. On the flip side, repetitive scenes and surplus industrial ingredients (love songs) dilute the otherwise earnest tale of village life to an associate degree extent. you’ll watch Konda Polam this weekend for its touching story, realistic backdrop, authentic performances and writing and overall technical finesse.

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Rakul Preet Singh plays the feisty Obu, Ravi’s reluctant partner-in-crime. The latter could be well-read however the previous is that the one who is aware of the globe he’s presently living in. She knows her manner around not simply the herd but additionally the forest, turning into his guru to show him the ropes. The way Ravi associate degreed Obu’s romance is weaved into the larger story at hand is good, although it leaves you wanting a lot of at times. a bizarrely placed dance range aside, millimetre Keeravani’s music will do a decent job of expressing their love after they can’t. The manner they start to know every other’ world additionally works.

Konda Polam Full Movie

Despite the robust and distinctive story, the film suffers from some technical difficulties. whereas Keeravani’s music may be a delight and plays an equal half in transferring Konda Polam to life the maximum amount as Krish’s direction does, his BGM gets resistless in some scenes. within the song Shwaasalo, the music doesn’t even dip for you to listen to the lines being spoken. Nasser’s soundtrack looks off once ever he calls out Ravi’s name for a few reasons in the scenes that manifest themselves at the UPSC office. whereas the tiger (both virtually and figuratively) is sort of the maximum amount an area of the story as something else, the CGI generally takes far away from the otherwise raw and natural texture of the film. and also the stakes don’t appear high enough sometimes when Ravi makes do with dialogues to save lots of the day.

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in an exceeding film where he will not have lines altogether scenes, Vaisshnav does a decent job of speaking along with his eyes. His fear, joy, associate degree and dejection bump into well once he doesn’t talk. He may falter generally however he does a good job for the foremost part. Rakul may be a delight as Obu and also the soundtrack for her character looks nearly pitch-perfect, fitting right into the skin of the character. She’s a ray of sunshine in an otherwise muted film. the remainder of the forged is a delight too but the actual hero of this film is the story.

Konda Polam may need its moments wherever it misses the mark however it gets a lot of things right than wrong. provide this one with an opportunity this weekend if you were watching for a singular story to be told all along. this is often not the film for you if you’re searching for some masala though.

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Konda Polam Full Movie Download

Director: Krish Jagarlamudi

Date Created: 2022-05-23 14:26