Khunnas Movie Download HD 720p

Khunnas Movie Download

Khunnas Movie Download HD 720p Audiolab Media Corporation and Aryan Cine Entertainment Khunnas is that the story of revenge. Deva Mahto, brother of MLA Paras Mahto, is jealous of and resents the romance between Soumya and Nayra.

all of them study within the same college. Deva follows Soumya, Nayra and their friends once they Khunnas Movie Download attend Manali. Deva reaches there together with his friends and gets into a serious fight with Soumya. What happens thereafter.

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Movie Review / Story

Mukesh Raaj Singh story and screenplay are as kiddish and senseless as are often . Even his dialogues are dull.


Performances are juvenile. Meghna Saxena and Naresh Sharma aren’t material for the lead pair. Deva Mahto is weak. Mukesh Raaj Singh fails to impress. Swati Sharma, Amarendra Vidyarthi, Talim Shah, Santosh Roy, Ram Kunwar, Kumar Satyen and Palak Khan lend dull support.

Mukesh Raaj Singh’s direction is bad. Music (Bikramjit Ranjha and Amey Nare) is below the mark. Khunnas Movie Download Lyrics (Munilal Ram, Kewal Shah and Babulal) hardly deserve special mention. Sanjay Chaudhary’s choreography is functional. Saurabh-Gaurav’s background music lacks impact. Rahul Saxena’s camerawork is below-average. Action and stunt scenes, choreographed by Prince Mishra, aren’t thrilling. Adya Yadav’s editing is loose.

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Khunnas Movie Download

Ranchi The romantic thriller and action film ‘Khunnas’ made under the banner of Aryan Cine Entertainment are going to be released on 7 February. Most of the actors during this film are from Jharkhand. Most of the shooting of this film is additionally wiped out Jharkhand.

Khunnas Movie Download

Director of the film Priya Kumari said that this film features a story of youth, which individuals will Khunnas Movie Download sort of a lot. Priya, who hails from Jharkhand, says that the songs of the film also are Karnapriya. He said that this film is especially a university story, through which individuals have tried to point out both romance and action.

Movie Songs

He said that the majority of the artists during this are from Jharkhand and Bihar. The film are going to be released simultaneously on February 7 across the country. This entertaining film produced by Priya Kumari is written and written by Mukesh Raj Singh.

Salim Jafar of Ja Films International goes to release this film. The film has music by Vikramjit Ranjha, Anil Sharma and Amay slogans and therefore the lyricists are Kaivalya Shah, Munni Lal Ram and Babulal. this is often the primary film of Naresh Kumar, the hero of the film and Megha Saxena is that the heroine. The film was earlier scheduled to release on January 17, but couldn’t be released thanks to any reason.

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Khunnas, the primary Hindi film to be directed and written by Mukesh Raj Singh, who grew up within the capital’s Kanke Road, will soon be screened in theaters. The film, made under the banner of Aryan Cine Entertainment, are going to be released on 17 January in Khunnas Movie Download Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Other Hindi speaking regions including Jharkhand are going to be released in February. Most of the shooting of the film has been wiped out Hazaribagh. The film is produced by Priya Kumari who hails from Hazaribagh.

Movie Clips / Trailer

Apart from this, many important characters are playing Jharkhandi artists. The hero is played by Naresh Kumar of Hazaribagh and Deva of Ramgarh. The heroine is playing Megha Saxena of Bareilly. While Mukesh Raj Singh plays the villain. He are going to be seen within the role of a Bahubali MLA. The film has five songs including an item song.

According to Mukesh Raj Singh, the film is formed with attention on youth. during a special conversation, the nuances of acting learned in Patna’s Kalidas Khunnas Movie Download Rangalaya, Mukesh Raj Singh told the story from singing to singing within the orchestra to Bollywood. Mukesh is originally from Patna. His father Madhusudan Prasad Singh was employed within the Food Supply Department, Ranchi. thanks to this Mukesh’s childhood was spent in Ranchi. He was keen on acting since childhood. Bullu and Papa wont to sing within the orchestra while studying in VI.


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