Kesari Full Movie Download HD 720p Leaked by Online

Kesari Full Movie Download Leaked

Kesari Full Movie Download HD 720p Leaked by Online The film traces the story of a budding wrestler, Balram, who aspires to win the Maharashtra Kesari title at some point.

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Kesari Full Movie Review

Wrestling has always commanded high respect in Mahaarashtra and Kesari tells the story of a wrestler- his struggle, expectations, highs and lows and more. Directed by Sujay Dahake, who is understood for films like Shala and Ajoba, the expectations from this one are high. Does it live up to the expectations though?

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Kesari takes a really straightforwad approach. Balram, an aspiring wrestler, dreams of winning the Maharashtra Kesari title. His father (Umesh Jagtap) is against the thought but Balram’s grandfather (Vikram Gokhale) supports him.

uninterested with the discouragement, Balram leaves his home vowing to return only after winning the title. He goes to Kolhapur to coach at a well known akhada but lack of cash forces him to seem for other options. That’s when he meets a one-time wrestler-turned-mechanic Ustad Mehman (Mahesh Manjrekar). Mehman agrees to coach him and under his guidance, Balram enters the Maharashtra Kesari competition. What happens after that to understand , you’ve got to observe the film.

While the film aptly shows the struggles of a wrestler, it’s monotonous unfolding gives Kesari a documentary-like feel. Sujay could’ve explored the family relations, politics and lot more through this film, but sadly, he doesn’t.

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Debutant Virat Madke excels as Balram. He rightly portrays the angst and struggle of an aspiring wrestler. Kesari Full Movie Download Mahesh Manjrekar is ideal too. In supporting roles, Vikram Gokhale, Pravin Tarde and Mohan Joshi get limited scope whereas Umesh Jagtap leaves an enduring impression.

Kesari Movie Cast

Akshay Kumar Havaldar Ishar Singh
Parineeti Chopra Jeevani Kaur
Vivek Saini Jiwan Singh
Pritpal Pali Gurmukh singh
Vikram Kochhar Gulab Singh
Suvinder Vicky Nk. Lal Singh

Kesari’s approach is serious and people who want to witness what goes within the making of a wrestler should watch this one needless to say . However, Kesari Full Movie Download the film doesn’t succeed on all fronts and finishes up being an honest effort only.

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