Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Tamilrockers Gautham (Sumanth) may be a policeman who aspires to be within the crime wing. How he proves the case remains relevant forms the story. Sumanth is one of the few actors in Tollywood preferring sensible scripts over something grand. His recent film, the Telugu remake of the Kannada film Kavaludaari is gripping and maintains the strain through the film.

Director Pradeep takes his time to determine the planet of Kapatadhaari and Gautam. The sincere policeman believes he can solve a case regardless of the wing he belongs to. It’s only thanks to his bad luck that he has been unable to modify despite eagerness to for years. Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download When skeletal remains are unearthed, they create him sleepless. And when the question arises of the relevance of the case today, the director does an honest job of convincing the audience of it with a twist.

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Movie Review / Story

While the film does follow the age-old formula of thrillers where the protagonist unties the clues initially with no resistance and putting aside the very fact of how a policeman. the simplest part about Gautham is that he’s not portrayed as a superhuman with a mastermind; he’s just a sincere cop looking to unravel a criminal offense. The film maintains a high frequency from the pre-climax and manages to tug off some edge-of-the-seat moments. conductor Simon King to makes it engaging.

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download

the rationale why Kapatadhaari works well is because it doesn’t divert attention with unnecessary elements. A policeman named Gautam (Sumanth), who is uninterested together with his routine work decides to enter the crime branch and starts approaching his higher officials. this is often the time, three unidentified skulls are found near a metro construction site. While the local department neglects the incident, Gautam takes up Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Downloads the case and starts a secret investigation. Is there any big story behind the three skulls? How are actors like Nassar and Jayaprakash interlinked with the whole plotline? That forms the story.

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Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download Tamilrockers

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Sumanth is fit and convincing within the role of a policeman. He did his best to bring depth to the proceedings together with his settled acting. All his scenes with senior actors Nassar and Jayaprakash are presented decently within the last half of the film.

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie

Heroine Nandita Swetha is cute but her screen time is restricted to only a few scenes. So is that the case with comedian Vennela Kishore also. the Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download primary half the film runs at a slow pace with no proper clue on what’s happening within the narration. because the proceedings lack soul, the performance of all the actors looks artificial during the course in time.

A policeman investigating a criminal offense case misses logic in many scenes. Technically, things should are showcased in a detailed manner for the audience to know. Though the mysterious investigation scenes and therefore the combination scenes between Sumanth, Nassar, and Jayaprakash are passable, a couple of cinematic liberties should are avoided to bring more authenticity to the narration.

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Director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy handled the movie in a decent manner but he should have focused more on the primary half by avoiding a couple of slow-motion scenes. Editing by Praveen KL is okay but he should have chopped the runtime by on the brink of ten minutes. Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Download Cinematography by Rasamathi is sweet as he presented the night mood shots in a natural manner. Music by Simon K King is good as his background score brings depth to the proceedings.

On the entire, Kapatadhaari may be a mystery thriller that has an enticing narration only during the last twenty minutes. If you ignore the slow and artificial first half and a couple of logics, Kapatadhaari finishes up as just an okay watch during this weekend.

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