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Junooniyat Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla She is a spitfire civilian, who may be a swimming champ from Amritsar. Their paths keep crossing because she keeps trespassing. And therein lies the matter with this film. it’s a sequence of amateur, half-baked plot points and situations that try to bring alive the romance of the ’70s. But it falls flat because it lacks conviction. Though there are attempts to incorporate Facebook references to offer it an up-to-date feel, the characters during this film belong to an outdated era.

To cut the long story short, the Kapoors, who have lost three relations in war, don’t want their daughter, Suhani, to finish up as a widow. so that they make it clear, Jahan can only marry her if he chooses a civilian life. Jahan, on the opposite hand, makes it clear that Junooniyat Full Movie Download has given his heart to her, but his life is devoted to the mill. But when she asks him to settle on between her and therefore the army, he chooses the latter. And more blah situations follow.

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Movie Review / Story

And, it’s time filmmakers bury the DDLJ ghost and moved on. Captain Jahan Bakshi (Pulkit Samrat) finds Suhaani (Yami Gautam) swimming during a restricted zone and brings her to his camp. Friendly banters become passionate letters and therefore the couple decides to marry after singing four songs in 40 minutes. But, Junooniyat Full Movie Download needs to match up to Bollywood standards, and thus arises a series of problems. Can the 2 ultimately write a romance that’s not inspired by Hindi cinema?

Junooniyat, which suggests obsession in Urdu, is usually about the cliches Army officers holding beer mugs, Punjabi bubbly girl, wedding songs, NRI cousins, cheesy dialogues, lassi and mustard fields, and so on. The onus is entirely on poetry-loving Bakshi to form it look convincing. However, Vivek Agnihotri’s credit says ‘direction and Junooniyat Full Movie Download poetry’, so you recognize who to applaud for the syrupy one-liners. the standard ‘boy meets girl story takes an extended time to happen, which gives the audience enough time to anticipate subsequent twists. Average writing fails to feature depth to characters, making the actors seem more like fillings in an annoying tooth cavity.

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A certain indecisiveness further undermines the story. There’s conflict, but it’s very fickle in nature. The tempo stalls and by the time momentum picks up, it’s time for an additional song. The sense of urgency fizzles Junooniyat Full Movie Download out when it’s needed the foremost. and therefore the comic breathers leap out of the narrative, making the entire plot appear patchy, incoherent, and unromantic.

One day a lass is found floating during a lake in a restricted area. Bakshi is enlisted to bring the violator back. He descends from a chopper, floats over her like Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’, lifts her, and takes her back to the military base to be vetted. seems Suhaani (Yami Gautam) maybe a swimmer, student, and a sassy girl who will rise to any challenge, however stupid. Detained for a couple of days, she’s invited to the Christmas party where, after repeatedly saying she doesn’t drink, the commander in chief persuades Suhaani that brandy isn’t alcohol but a lifestyle. the subsequent thing you recognize she’s dancing up a storm with the soldiers, especially Bakshi. Three days at the military base and she or he besotted with Bakshi and him together with her.

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Movie Songs

But Suhaani comes from a family where three men are lost within the line of duty. This has made her otherwise liberal father immune to the thought of another army man in their lives, particularly as a life partner for his daughter. Suhaani is left with a difficult option to leave her Junooniyat Full Movie Download family or to influence Jahan to go away from the military (which he adores). Agnihotri creates a world where romance is some things out of a Mills & Boon novel unrealistic and shallow. It’s about dancing, singing, and romancing, maybe even spending an unclean weekend together, but it’s never about communicating, seeking answers, or maturity. If we didn’t make assumptions, where would the drama during this film be?

The latter category is, predictably, personified by a father who thinks he owns his daughter and an unsuspecting NRI bridegroom who walks into a marriage ceremony, family in tow, blissfully unaware that the bride dying to tie the knot with him. that’s how original Junooniyat is. It resorts to fluffy poetry and screechy songs to heighten the intensity of the love between a military captain and a Junooniyat Full Movie Download university girl. The end in terms of dramatic traction is zilch. The lovebirds, on their part, yo-yo between overwhelming passion and outright inanity as they struggle to urge their lives so as.

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In one scene, the unwanted suitor who wings in from Canada (Gulshan Devaiah during a special appearance although there’s little that’s special within the half-baked character) is on a Ferris wheel with the girl he’s alleged to wed. we’ll go up and that we will come down but all are going to be fine, he assures his would-be wife. Had the topic been Junooniyat, he would most definitely have overlooked the bit about rising and being fine.

the sole direction that this film travels in is down. Here is how and why. Amritsar girl Suhani Kapoor (Yami Gautam) slinks far away from a Christmas camp within the Himalayas and goes for a swim during a hot sulfur lake. She loses her bearings for no apparent reason. Army Junooniyat Full Movie Download captain Jahan Bakshi (Pulkit Samrat) stationed in Sonmarg involves her rescue albeit the lass seems to be perfectly hale and hearty when help arrives.

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